Busy Day

Today was a normal morning, so I was able to walk Robert to school before heading to work.  After formation, the BQ headed out to the gazebo and we finished up our Warrior Tasks & Drills training for the year.  That’s a good feeling having that done.  And while we were all together, we decided on a name for the BQ finally – Thunder Mountain Brass.  We are at Ft. Huachuca and the Huachuca Mountains are on post.  Huachuca means "thunder", so Thunder Mountain.  First Sergeant and Chief loved it!  After our training and naming was done, the junior Soldiers went and picked up trash in the area that we have to do that in, and I did some admin work.  I went and talked to 1SG for a while about a few things.  Lunch was spent at the home of D&DW.  We had filet mignon and potatoes for lunch.  WOW!  LOL  D is one of my Soldiers and he’ll be going before the promotion board soon.  One of the things the Sergeant Major always asks the supervisors is about their Soldier’s living conditions.  So D invited me over for lunch so I could see his house.  Lunch was very good and their house is very nice.

After lunch was Drill Band for a little while.  We went through one Sound Off and one Pass in Review and Charge and called it good.  We didn’t want to keep everyone outside in 95 degrees any longer than we had to, especially when we have a ceremony in the morning.  After Drill Band, we had BQ rehearsal until 1500 and then I headed home to get the guys before heading to the rodeo arena on post.  B Troop, 4th U.S. Cavalry Regiment (Memorial) put on a Retreat Ceremony and horsemanship demonstration.  It was really cool to watch, and Robert sure enjoyed it!  We even got to go on the field after and Robert got to pet Cochise, one of the horses.  All of the horses in the unit are branded on the left front shoulder with "U.S." as they are U.S. Army property.  Once that was done, we stopped at Burger King on post for dinner and then home so Ryan could get to his Legion meeting.  Robert and I went to the Verizon store to take care of switching phone plans.  Then it was home to watch a little bit of TV and after Robert was in bed, I crocheted on his snake for a bit and then stitched.

Today’s high:  100
Current:  88

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