Graduation Ceremony

This morning was an early morning for the Brass Quintet again as we had a graduation ceremony to play at, and we had our usual warm-up/group focus time beforehand.  The ceremony went really well and then it was back to the band hall.  I spent the rest of the morning doing e-mails and other admin work.  I left for lunch a bit early as I had to pick Robert up from school at 1145 and Ryan was doing a PGR escort for an Active Duty Soldier.  Robert and I had lunch and then I brought him to Child Time on my way back to work.  I stopped at the post office and checked the Band’s post office box.  Then it was back to the office for the afternoon.  I checked up on some NCOERs, I learned how to submit them to Human Resources Command myself, I picked up all the leave forms for block leave, I answered some e-mails, I sent others.  And, of course, it seemed like everyone needed me for this, that, or the other.  At the end of the day, I headed home and picked Robert up on my way.  Ryan made grilled cheese for dinner and I made some mozzarella sticks.  We also had more fresh tomatoes from our Topsy Turvy planter!  Yum!  Then Ryan headed to a Caving Club meeting, and I was on a 3-way call with Rick and Mom & Dad.  That was fun!  And productive as well, talking about our phone-merging-into-one-family-plan stuff.  After Robert was in bed, I crocheted on his snake for a little bit.

Today’s high:  98
Current:  81

2 thoughts on “Graduation Ceremony

    • Re: Topsy Turvy

      It worked for us. We’ve gotten over a dozen tomatoes off it so far, and more in various stages on the plant, and I just picked a green pepper yesterday off my pepper plant.

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