Two ceremonies

It was another early morning this morning for a Change of Command ceremony on the parade field.  It was probably close to 80 degrees by the 0800 start time of the ceremony.  The ceremony went well and didn’t last super long.  After the ceremony was done, 1SG gave a safety briefing for the upcoming weekend and after that I got a little bit of admin work done before heading home.  BQ was released after the ceremony for some down time before our next gig.  I got an early lunch at home and played on my computer for a while before getting into my Dress Blue uniform and heading back for BQ formation of 1130.  We did a quick uniform inspection and a short rehearsal before heading over to the ceremony site.  It was a memorial ceremony for Signal Soldiers that have given the ultimate sacrifice.  There were quite a few families of the Soldiers there, and it was a very moving ceremony.  After the ceremony, we were done for the day – and the weekend.  I talked with Top for a little bit before heading home.  Once home, I took a nice relaxing shower and then just played on my computer for a while.  I went and picked Robert up from Child Time and then I made spaghetti for supper.  We had a good relaxing evening and I started a new cross stitch project.

Today’s high:  96
Current:  77

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