Dentist Day 2

Today began what we’re calling "hell week".  Between today and next Friday, we have close to 20 gigs.  There were 2 today, with Brass Quintet having the first one.  We played at a change of command ceremony at 0800.  The ceremony went well, and we got not one, but TWO coins for the gig – one from the outgoing Colonel and one from the 3-Star General that was the Senior Officer.  That was pretty cool.  Then it was back to the band hall and I spent the rest of the morning doing admin work.  At lunch I went to the bike shop to have them look at my bike.  It took them like 2 seconds to diagnose AND fix my problem.  LOL  I just had a loose connector and they showed me how to tighten it.  They also adjusted the angle of my seat a little bit to see if that helps with my hand-falling-asleep problem.  After I was done at the bike shop, I headed back to work to eat my lunch and play on my computer.

After lunch was a little bit more admin work before I headed to the dentist for my second (and final) appointment.  I got a filling today.  It was a fairly small one.  And just this morning they had a meeting about allowing Soldiers to be seen twice a year, and it’s now notated in my dental records that I’ll be going twice a year AND which hygienist I will be seen by.  The one I had on Tuesday was not good and they know that she is a problem.  Then it was back to my office for a little bit more work before heading home for the day.  Ryan took us to Arby’s for dinner so I didn’t have to cook tonight.  Thanks Sweetie!!

Once dinner was done, Ryan headed to the Legion for a planning meeting for the ALR birthday ride coming up in July.  Robert and I watched tv and I crocheted.  Now I’m getting ready to head to bed.

Today’s high:  96
Current:  78


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