Accomplished Day

I had planned on getting up for a bike ride this morning, but I forgot to change my alarm from "regular day" to "early day".  Oops!  It was civies day at work today, so it was nice being able to wear shorts and a tank top.  After formation, I was in 1SG’s office for almost an hour talking about being an MPT leader and things he expects and stuff.  It was a good counseling session with him.  Then I spent the rest of the morning doing admin stuff.  During lunchtime, I ate and stitched.  After lunch we had ceremonial band rehearsal (music rehearsal) for our ceremony on Friday.  Following that, we had Brass Quintet rehearsal for close to two hours.  It was a good rehearsal.  We have SIX gigs in the next seven working days.  We’re going to be earning our paychecks the next week and a half for sure.  That took us to the end of the day, so I headed home.  Once home, I got changed into bike clothes and headed out for a 9.46 mile bike ride.  It was my first time on my bike since the beginning of November, but it sure felt good!!!  Well, other than my rear derailleur is slipping and I couldn’t get it into low gear without holding it.  I’ll be bringing it to the shop at lunch tomorrow and hopefully they can fix it by Saturday so I can do a brick workout (bike ride followed by a run).  Anyway, my bike ride this afternoon. . .  It was 91 degrees, but it wasn’t bad on the bike.  It took me 42:38 – average speed of 13.3 mph and my max speed was 22.7 mph.  It was a good ride!  We had salads for dinner – YUM!  And now I’m getting ready to head to bed because I’m tired.

Today’s high:  93
Current:  78


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