Dentist Day 1

This morning I walked Robert to school and then headed to work.  We weren’t able to have Brass Quintet rehearsal this morning as one of our trumpet players had a funeral to play at.  So I spent the morning working on admin stuff.  I ate lunch at work again finally and I got an hour of stitching done after I ate.  I also chatted with a friend on Facebook while I was stitching.  After lunch we had drill band for a while, and did I ever forget how much trouble I have marching and playing at the same time.  We’re short in the trombone section right now, so I’m playing instead of drum majoring.  After drill band I headed to the dentist for my annual cleaning.  I sure dislike the water "laser" thing they use.  OWWWWW.  After I was done at the dentist, I went and got my allergy shots for the week.  Then I headed home for a short nap – bad headache.  I felt much better after my nap and then I went and picked Robert up.  Ryan made dinner tonight, and that was nice.  Then he and Robert headed to the Legion for the Sons of the American Legion (SAL) meeting.  They’re starting to plan some stuff for some of the younger SAL members – Robert is the youngest.  But they have a camping trip planned and some time to teach the kids about gun safety and stuff.  I got a lot of crocheting done tonight.  Now I’m heading to bed.

Today’s high:  91
Current:  78

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