Happy Birthday U.S. Army!!

This morning I was off to work for a ceremony rehearsal at 0800.  After rehearsal, we walked over to the post museum, where the ceremony was to take place.  The ceremony was a joint Army Birthday ceremony and 50th Anniversary of the post museum.  It was nice and short ceremony.  Then it was back to the band hall to do a little bit of admin work before heading home for lunch.  Robert and I had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on our homemade honey granola bread.  It was really good.  I brought him to Child Time on my way back to work.  We had a really good BQ rehearsal for part of the afternoon and then more office work.  To close the day, the MPT (Music Performance Team) Leaders had a meeting with 1SG.  It lasted around an hour and then I headed home.  I picked Robert up on my way and after a few minutes at home, we went to the Legion for their Flag Day Ceremony.  They have a bunch of flags that people have turned in for proper disposal and they did a ceremony for the retirement of the flags and did the proper burning.  After the ceremony was done, we went to Wendy’s for supper and then to Target for a few things.  After we were home and had gotten Robert to bed, I stitched for a little while.

Today’s high:  86
Current:  73


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