Tucson Toros and getting chased by cops

Yesterday was a long day.  After dropping Robert off at Child Time, I headed to work.  After formation, we had brass quintet rehearsal for most of the morning.  Then I came home for lunch.  After lunch was a combine BQ and small ceremonial band (to make a slightly larger small ceremonial band) rehearsal for a gig that’s coming up on Monday.  Then I had a little bit of time to do some office work before our sequence rehearsal for the ceremony we had at 1600.  Nothing like a ceremony at 1600 in Arizona in June.  It was about 85 degrees out, but there was a good breeze so it really wasn’t too bad – except for the wind.  After the ceremony, 1SG talked with the MPT leaders and shops heads for a little bit and then I headed home to do a QUICK change of clothes and then me and my guys headed to Tucson.  We had gotten free tickets for the Tucson Toros baseball game, military appreciation night.  We got there and got some food for dinner and found out that the game start was going to be delayed due to travel problems with the Toros coming from their game the day before.  The game finally got started a little over an hour and a half late.  They played the St. George RoadRunners.  It was a pretty good game, especially the 9th inning when the Toros scored 4 runs to come back and tie the game at 8.  The game ended up going 11 innings with the RoadRunners finally winning.  It was sad that the Toros lost, but we were all glad that the game was finally done – at midnight-thirty or so.  They were supposed to have fireworks after the game, but because it was so late, they didn’t do them.  Talk about a sad 5-year-old and a couple of really upset parents.  They could have told us earlier, and we probably wouldn’t have stayed for the whole game.  At least we did get coupons for free admittance to another game during the season, so we’ll get to go to another game for free.  We finally got home about 0230 and went right to bed.

This morning I was up after 3 hours of "napping" and went and picked K up at 6 and we headed to a local 5K race.  It was called the Foot Pursuit 5K and was sponsored by the Sierra Vista Police Department.  All proceeds benefited the Special Olympics and the premise of the race was to outrun the cops (hence the subject of this post).  In addition to the 5K, which I completed in 33:07, they had a 1/2 mile run for the Special Olympians.  That was pretty neat to watch.  The race was really well organized and the course was very well marked.  It was a slight uphill for the first half and then back downhill for the second half.  K and I had a great time!  Afterward, we each got a free 10 minute massage.  They had LOTS of great door prizes, but we didn’t win anything.  The grand prize was a flight for 2 on a MEDEVAC helicopter.  She and I finished 13th and 14th respectively out of 22 in our age group.  Not a bad showing!

After I got home and showered and changed, I headed to Tombstone to see my guys in a parade there for Buffalo Soldier Days.  They were riding on the 40 & 8’s train.  Robert sure looked like he was enjoying it!  And Ryan, too, of course.  After the parade was done, and I had found the guys, we walked around Tombstone a little bit and got leather vests ordered for both me and Robert.  Then we had lunch at a little restaurant, but it’s not one we’ll go back to.  It was a bit on the expensive side and the food wasn’t all that spectacular.  After lunch, Robert and I headed home and Ryan stuck around for a little while to hang out with some of his Legion Rider friends.  Robert fell asleep in the van on the way home, and barely woke up when we got home and I carried him to his bed.  Once he was in bed, I went and laid down as well.  I took an almost 3 hour nap and Robert slept longer than that.

We went to Denny’s for supper and then to Target for a few things.  They had a bread machine!!!  We’ve been looking for one for several years and haven’t been able to find one anywhere, so now we’re the proud "parents" of a new bread machine.  We’ve already added ingredients for a few different kinds of breads to the grocery list for tomorrow’s shopping.  After we got home, we got Robert to bed and then i crocheted for a while.  Off to bed now. . .

Today’s high:  80
Current:  64


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