Back to Work

It was hard to get up this morning.  I was up a bit too late last night and then didn’t sleep well on top of it.  I dropped Robert off at school on my way to work.  After formation, I had to do my urinalysis from yesterday.  My name came up for our monthly, but since I wasn’t there, I did it this morning.  That didn’t take long.  The rest of the morning was spent in a class taught by First Sergeant about NCOERs.  It was really interesting and I learned quite a bit from it.  That’s always good to know since 1) I write NCOERs for several Soldiers and 2) I’m in charge of processing all the NCOERs for the unit.  The class went into lunch quite a bit, so Top gave us until 1400 for lunch.  That was nice.  I ate at my lunch – a really yummy salad! – at my desk and started going through my e-mails and stuff from the time I was on leave.  After lunch was admin time, so that was nice being able to start getting caught up.  I still have more to do – my brain shut off about 1530 and I didn’t leave until 1630 or so.  I picked Robert up on my way home, and then stopped at home to get my checkbook before picking K up and going to the police station.  We went to register for a 5K that the Sierra Vista Police Department is sponsoring.  After that quick trip, I dropped K back off at home and then Robert and I headed home.  Ryan was already gone to his first of 2 meetings for the evening.  Robert and I had frozen spaghetti dinners for supper and then ice cream for dessert.  After he was in bed, I crocheted for a while.

Today’s high:  98
Current:  81


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