Home Sweet Home!!

Sunday we went to church and our prospective new pastor led the service.  She sings/chants the service very well and did a great job with everything.  There was a pot luck after for lunch with lots of good foods.  Then Ryan, Robert, and I said our goodbyes to Mom & Dad and Grandma and Aunt Carol and we headed to Chicago.  We stopped for an early dinner at Red Robin in Green Bay and met up with my cousin Amanda and her husband Derek.  Robert was really excited to see them!!  I’m glad we got to see them as well, even if it was just for a little while while we ate.  We got to our hotel in Chicago and got checked in and then went and turned our rental car in and took the hotel shuttle back to the hotel.  That bought us a little bit of extra sleep time.  Instead of having to be at the rental place at 0530 Monday morning, we were able to sleep until 0515!

Monday was our flight back to Phoenix and that was uneventful.  Once back in Phoenix, we got on the shuttle to the parking lot and found our van that K had driven up for us on Saturday.  She’s such an awesome friend!  The van was parked right next to the shuttle stop!  We headed home, but stopped in Tucson for a few stops on the way.  We went to Michaels and I got yarn for 2 more baby blankets.  Then we went to the cross stitch store, but they were closed.  Then we went to the BIG Harley Davidson store and looked around for a while and Ryan got a t-shirt.  Then we went to the VA for Ryan to pick up a copy of his medical records.  Next up was lunch at Waffle House!!  YUMMY!!  And then back to the VA for more paperwork that he couldn’t pick up the first time because the doctor he needed to see for it wasn’t there.  But it was a good thing that we had to go back as we parked next to an older gentleman that was having trouble with his truck.  After Ryan came back with his paperwork, he helped the guy get his truck going.  He was a WW2 vet.  Yay for my Sweetie helping out!!!  Then we finally headed home.  The cats were really glad to see us.  We got everything unpacked and clean clothes put away.

Today was my last day off before going back to work.  Robert started his summer school classes today.  He’s taking art and science.  Each class meets for an hour and a half with a 15 minute snack break between them.  So he’s at school from 0830 to 1145 and then he goes to Child Time in the afternoon after we pick him up from school and get him lunch at home.  He had a great time today!  While he was at school and Ryan was at school, I went and got a manicure.  After I had brought Robert to Child Time, I went out to post to get my allergy shots and then to the commissary for groceries.  I bought a lot of produce so I can make myself salads for lunch this week.  After I had gotten home and gotten the groceries put away, I cut up all the veggies so that it’s easier to make my salads!  What all did I get?  I got lettuce (good stuff, not iceberg), cherry tomatoes, broccoli, green onions, mushrooms, red/yellow/green peppers, cucumbers, and radishes.  I did laundry.  I made dinner.  And after Robert was in bed, I started crocheting on a 6 ft. long snake for him!  He’s going to be excited when he sees that I’ve started his snake – yes, he knows about it.  And now I need to get to bed.

Today’s high:  98
Current:  80

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