Blueberry Ridge Trail Run 12K

This morning started off with my cousin (in-law) Amanda meeting me and we drove up to the crossroads together.  We ran the Blueberry Ridge Trail Run 12K this morning (Blueberry Ridge is a local cross country ski area).  It was a little cloudy and I was thankful for the clouds once we started running.  I’m so not used to the humidity and it was weird not having my sweat evaporate like I’m used to.  And the HILLS.  Oh my!!!  But it was an awesome race for my first 12K, first hometown race, and first trail race – very well organized, the course was REALLY well marked, awesome volunteers, friendly local runners.  I finished in 1:35:29, with an average pace of 12:47 min/mile.  I finished about 10 minutes slower than I anticipated, but I was really happy with it because of the humidity and hills kicking my butt.  Amanda finished about 7-8 minutes ahead of me.  It was an awesome way to start the day!

After I got home and had changed and relaxed for a little bit, we headed to our church to meet our potential new pastor.  She’s really nice and knows our intern back in Sierra Vista.  She was really surprised when I said "Krista says hi."  LOL  It’s such a small world.  We had some snacks and drinks while we visited with her.  Robert had a whole plate of veggies and ONE brownie.  But then he went back for more cookies.  LOL  After we left the church, we headed to Marquette to visit my Great Uncle who lives in the Veterans’ Home.  He’s 91 years old and is lots of fun to talk to.  I enjoy visiting him.

Then we came home and had supper – more leftovers from the lunch after Grandpa Bob’s funeral.  And then after we ate, we went to Grandma’s for a while to visit with her and Aunt Carol some more.  And Ryan fixed Grandma’s new cupboard/counter top so it wasn’t all wiggly and stuff.  After we got home, we had our last sauna until Christmas when we’re home again, and then relaxed and watched TV and mom and I stitched.  And I got our stuff packed for us to leave tomorrow after church.

Today’s high:  60
Current:  50

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