Another long-ish day

This morning was a normal morning – the only one for the week.  Although I did get chili going in the crock pot before work.  After formation, I headed back to ACS with my paperwork AND the Red Cross message number.  It took about 45 minutes, but I got the interest free loan that I needed so I can get plane tickets home to MI.  Then it was back to the band hall to do admin work for the rest of the morning.  At lunch, I actually stitched for a change.  Then after lunch I walked to my higher-ups for some paperwork delivery and pick up.  Then we had drill band for a little over an hour.  The band is really starting to look and sound good, and I’m getting more and more comfortable as the Drum Major.  Then after drill band, I walked to Garrison HQ to pick up unit mail.  And I actually left work at a sort of decent time today.  At least it wasn’t 1700 like it was yesterday.  I picked Robert up on my way home and then we had a relaxing time.  The guys went to McDonald’s on the bike for dinner and I went to choir practice, taking the pot of chili with me.  We rehearsed for a little while (2 songs for Sunday) and then we had a pot luck to celebrate the end of the choir year.  Tonight was our last rehearsal until fall.  There was LOTS of good food and everyone loved my chili.  Several of the guys went back for 2nds or 3rds on the chili!!  I was careful not to eat too much since I have a PT test and weigh in in the morning.  Once I got home, I crocheted for a little bit, and now I’m heading to bed.

Today’s high:  82
Current:  68

Crazy Day

This morning I was in at 0630 for Spring Clean-ups.  BQ was part of the team cleaning from Burger King to our old building and our old parking lot.  LOTS of cigarette butts.  YUCK!  We were done at 0730 and then home to get changed into duty uniform (we were in PTs for clean-ups).  Ryan walked Robert to school.  After getting changed and eating breakfast and doing my morning computer stuff, I headed back to work for 0900 formation.  After formation, we had ceremony music rehearsal for most of the morning.  Then after rehearsal I headed to Army Community Services to get the paperwork to get a loan to be able to fly home next week.  Then it was back to my office for lunch and flight research and got the paperwork filled out.  After lunch we had drill band for a little over an hour.  It was tiring, but good practice for our long ceremonies coming up.  Then it was back to ACS to bring the paperwork back, but of course I was missing something so I couldn’t get the loan yet so I can’t get my plane tickets yet.  Grr.  Oh well, I should have the missing item tomorrow and then I’ll go back once more.  Then it was back to my office and I finally got some admin work done.  I was at work until a little after 5, and then I stopped at the commissary and shoppette on my way home.  I finally got home shortly before 6 and decided to let Papa John cook dinner tonight.  I was done – no energy left to do much of anything, but I did get a little bit of crocheting done after Robert was in bed.

Today’s high:  80
Current:  67

Rest in Peace Grandpa Bob – We Love You

This morning after I walked Robert to school, I did my computer stuff and ate breakfast.  We had a comp day today, so no work!  Once Ryan was up and had done his morning computer stuff, we headed out to post on the bike.  I got my allergy shot and then we went to Clothing Sales for a few things.  Then it was back home again for a bit before we headed to Benson, 1/2 hour from here, to go to A&W for lunch.  It was a beautiful day for riding and, as always, I enjoyed riding with my Sweetie!  Lunch was good and then we headed back home to get the backpack.  We went to the quilt shop here in town and I found some really cute fabric to make a wall hanging with the thing I cross stitched for Robert’s teacher.  Then we went to Ryan’s college bookstore so he could get his books for his summer classes (Spanish 1 the first 5 weeks, Archaeology on Saturdays for 8 weeks, and Pottery for the second 5 weeks).  And then it was a stop at the grocery store for taco cheese for the tacos that I didn’t make for dinner tonight.  After a while at home (oh, and I did laundry today, too), we went and got Robert from Child Time, went and picked up my bike from the bike shop (new tires and handlebar grip tape), got a car wash – or would it be a van wash? – and then to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.

And we got the phone call this afternoon.  My grandfather – Grandpa Bob – has passed away.  I am very sad, but I also know that he is in a better place now and not suffering anymore.  Grandpa Bob, you are loved by many and will be missed by all.  I know you are in Heaven now, looking down on us.  Robert took the news a lot better than we expected, although I don’t know if it’s fully sunk in or not.  We had family cuddle time on Ryan’s lap and Ryan told him.  He cried for a few minutes but then went about his business of being a very active 5-year-old. Mom,  Dad, Carol, and Grandma – we are sending you big hugs from Arizona until we get there in person.

Today’s high:  84
Current:  70

The drive home

This morning we slept in at the hotel and that sure was nice.  We had a nice leisurely "getting ready" time and left shortly before 11.  We drove to the next town over, Show Low, and stopped there for breakfast and a restaurant that had a really good brunch buffet.  Then we continued our drive home.  We went a different way than we went on Friday to get there, and it was a very pretty drive.  It took about the same amount of driving time that it took on Friday when we spent more time on the freeway, so that was nice.  Once we got back into town, we went to Cold Stone Creamery for dinner.  Then it was home and we got the van unloaded and went and got the mail from the weekend.  We spent the evening relaxing and watching the NASCAR race.  I stitched for a total of 7 hours today, about 5 1/2 in the car and then the rest at home, and I got a project finished.

Current temp:  70

Ryan’s Wrecking Day

Today was Ryan’s day.  He was initiated, or wrecked (as they call it), into the 40 et 8.  He left the hotel room early and went with his sponsor.  Robert and I were able to get breakfast in the hotel lobby before heading to the local Legion post with Ryan’s sponsor’s girlfriend.  The next time we saw Ryan, he was dressed up as a very ugly woman.  There were 10 total, and Ryan was by far the youngest.  They make them march around and sing different things and do other crazy things.  Then they went to a local bar and to the local Eagles club for more of the same.  They had to dance – with each other or with guys at the bar.  Robert did very well through this, although we had both talked to him to let him know what would be going on.  At various points, they had secret stuff, so we had lots of just sit and wait times.  And then they got eggs.  They put each in the stockade (one at a time) and eggs could be purchased for $1 each (fundraiser for the 40 et 8 things they support).  Ryan’s sponsor and his gf bought probably 2 dozen or so eggs between the 2 of them, and they shared with Robert and I.  Robert got the first egg on Daddy, and with the help of B (Ryan’s sponsor), got it all rubbed in nicely in Ryan’s hair.  He had eggs down the back of his dress, down the back of his underwear (which he threw away when he was able to get changed after), up his legs (courtesy of me – B gave me 2 eggs and told me to do the double thigh thing, so I did), and pretty much everywhere.  Then when there were no more eggs for him, he was let out of the stockade and got hosed off.  That water was COLD!!  And then he was able to go in and change back into his normal clothes.  They had more secret stuff, and then we were able to see part of their formal ceremony, but not really much of anything.  But Ryan is now officially a member of the 40 et 8.

Once back at the hotel, I got changed and went for a run on the hotel’s dread-mill.  I did intervals of 45 seconds at 7.5 mph and then 90 seconds of recovery at about 5.0 mph.  Total distance for the 30 minutes was 2.66  miles.   Then I hung out in the room for a little while before going down to hang out with Ryan and his friends.  Robert stayed in our room (which was like 4 doors down) and watched cartoons.  B grilled lots of burgers and hot dogs and chicken and we all had plenty of food.  Eventually I came back to the room and watched Animal Planet with Robert and got some stitching done.  Ryan came back to the room a while later.  Now I’m about ready for bed – still can hear everyone partying down the way.

Today’s high:  69
Current:  50

Manicure, Field Day, and a drive

This morning we got up and Ryan and I walked Robert to school.  Then Ryan headed out for an escort mission with the Patriot Guard Riders and I went and brought my bike to the shop to get new tires on.  No, my old ones hadn’t worn out, but I’m getting a little heavier duty tire put on, and also new handlebar grip tape.  Then I went and got a manicure.  After we had both been home for a while, we headed to school to watch Robert’s class in their Field Day.  They had different stations with water activities and all the kids had tons of fun getting a little wet, but not completely soaked.  We only caught the second half of their time outside, but it still was fun.  Then he walked home with us after school and we finished getting ready (I had done most of the packing earlier, before I left to get my nails done).  We left a little after 2, and after a stop on post for gas, we were on our way.  We drove about 5 hours to Heber-Overgaard, in northern Arizona.  It’s beautiful up here and lots of trees!  We’re about 1000 feet higher in elevation than we are at home, but it’s not bad, although it’s much cooler.  We got checked into the hotel, paid for by Ryan’s sponsor, and then we went and ate.  We all had all-you-can-eat salad bar, and they didn’t even charge us for Robert!  Not many places will let you do that anymore.  Once back to the hotel, we hung out with the 40 et 8 guys for a while, and of course Ryan’s harassment began.  He got to be a go-fer to get more beer for people or whatever.  We’ve both been talking to Robert about this so he knows that it’s all in fun and they’re not going to hurt daddy at all.  I left with Robert to get him to bed, and Ryan got back to the room shortly after that.  Tomorrow is the real fun for Ryan. . . . .

Today’s high:  78 (Sierra Vista), 68 (Heber-Overgaard)
Current:  39 (Heber-Overgaard)

BQ Gig, Short Day, Nice Run

This morning was a Class A uniform morning.  We had a graduation ceremony to play at.  There were probably 130 or Soldiers that graduated from their Advanced Individual Training.  The ceremony went well and I got back to the band hall about 1020.  Everyone had been released to their shop heads right after formation today, so there weren’t very many around once I got to work.  I did some admin stuff until about noon and got a few things taken care of.  Ryan stopped by for a little bit and I knew he was there before he even parked.  I love our Harley!!  And I can usually differentiate ours from other Harleys.  Kind of like a mom learning her child’s cry and yell of "MOM".  It was nice seeing him for a little bit.  After he left, I finished up what I was doing and headed out.  We had Safety Day today, so I stopped by the gym to look at all the displays and I got a lot of free stuff.  And I won a $50 gift card from USAA!!!!  How cool is that!

Once home, I got changed and went for a 2.62 mile run.  It took me 27:58, a 10:39 pace.  That’s about 2 minutes per mile slower than what I hope to run my PT test in next week.  We’ll see how that goes, but I’ve still got a week.  Once done with my run, I just relaxed for a little while before Ryan and I went to get Robert and take him to his last day of swimming lessons for this go-round.  He’s made more progress, but he’ll still be in the same level (Seals) next time.  He’s finally starting to go under water a little bit!  

After swimming was done, we went to Target for a few things and then to McDonald’s for dinner.  Then it was home and the guys built with Legos for a while and I got laundry going.  I also crocheted some and did computer stuff to end the day.

Today’s high:  80
Current:  62