Laid to rest

Friday was a day of traveling.  We took the hotel shuttle to the airport and got checked in and our luggage checked.  Then the wait began.  They had oversold the flight and we didn’t have seats.  But enough people gave up their seats to go on a later flight and get a $400 voucher that we were able to not only get on the plane, but all sit together!!  Robert had the window seat, I had the middle, and Ryan had the aisle.  It was a good flight.  Once in Chicago, we got our bags and then our rental car and began the drive home to Mom & Dad’s.  We stopped at Cracker Barrel for dinner on our way.  We got home about 12:45 in the morning and went to bed shortly thereafter.

Yesterday was Grandpa Bob’s memorial service.  When the family got to the funeral home, the Patriot Guard Riders (PGR) were already there and had a flag line for us as we entered.  We got pictures of Grandpa set up and the funeral home guys were really nice and helpful.  We received visitors for a while and then the Rock American Legion post did the military ceremony.  It was really nice, and the Adjutant presented the flag to me which I in turn presented to Grandma – "On behalf of a grateful nation, I present you this flag in the memory of our hero and your loving husband, Bob."  That was really neat that I was able to do that – and I even managed to say the line without a quaver in my voice at all.  And after I gave Grandma the flag, I stood at attention and saluted her.  I did break down during the playing of Taps, though, understandably.  After the military ceremony, we had the Catholic funeral stuff.  Mom had picked out some really good hymns, and we ended with America, the Beautiful.  Then it was off to the Rock Cemetery for interment of Grandpa Bob’s cremains.  The PGR escorted us with about 16 or so motorcycles, with Ryan leading.  That was quite an honor for him, not only that he got to ride a borrowed bike with them, but that he got to lead!  The interment ceremony was very nice, and I was presented with a small urn with a few of Grandpa’s ashes.  I had asked for it since I don’t get home to visit the family plot in the cemetery very often, and this way I would be able to have a little bit of Grandpa wherever the Army sends us.  I think Robert was able to get some closure also, with dandelions.  After everything was done, Robert blew some dandelion fuzz into the grave.  Then it was off to the Lutheran church in Rock for a lunch provided by the church ladies.  Lots of good food, and more visiting with family and friends.

We were all tired by the time we got home, and I was definitely glad to get out of my Class A uniform which I had been in all day.  Dad lit the sauna and that sure felt good.  And when I went to bed, I fell asleep almost right away.

This morning we got up and ready for church, and mom had made cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  They were really good.  I wore my Class A uniform to church since it was Memorial Day Sunday.  The service was good, and it was nice having the whole family sitting together – except Mom who was playing the organ up in the balcony, and Robert who likes to sit in the balcony.  Sometimes Ryan or I will sit with him up there, but I we wanted to sit with the family today.  Robert was very well-behaved sitting all by himself.  Of course Gramma was there with him and sat with him during the sermon.  After the service and some coffee and goodies and visiting, we had a short choir rehearsal for next week.  There are 3 or 4 of us that will be singing.  

Once we got home, I got changed out of uniform and we had a nice relaxing afternoon and evening.  I stitched some.  I crocheted some and finished a baby blanket and then I stitched more.  We had kabobs for dinner and they were really good.  

Today’s high:  89
Current:  72

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