Home Sweet Home – for one night

Today was travel home day.  We left the hotel about 0730 and had an almost 2 hour bus ride to the airport in Kansas City.  I napped for a while.  Then we had a couple of hours in the airport before our flight left, so I got a coffee from Starbucks and sat and chatted with DW (my horn player in the BQ).  Then I went through security and found a seat and got my stitching out.  The flight from KC to Denver was fairly uneventful other than I was stuck next to a guy that was taking up more seat than he paid for.  And then when the plane’s movement would cause me to bump his arm, he’d give me dirty looks.  Hello???  You’re hanging over into MY seat.

Denver was interesting.  It looked like we were all set for on-time.  But then there was lightning.  And then there was a tornado warning.  We finally left an hour and a half late, and it turned out that a tornado actually did touch down briefly about a mile and a half from the airport.  Fun.  But once we got in the air the flight wasn’t bad.  Once back to Tucson, we got all our instruments and bags and headed back to Sierra Vista.  Ryan and Robert came and picked me up and then we went to Golden Corral for dinner.  Once home, I got my suitcase unpacked, got laundry folded from last week, got laundry started washing, and of course spent time with my little man!

I’m so proud of Robert!!!  He had his final school awards ceremony this morning, and he was one of only FOUR kids in his whole school (K-5) that had perfect attendance for the whole school year!!!!  He has learned a lot in Kindergarten, and he told me tonight that he was a First Grader now, but I told him he’s still a Kindergartner for another 1/2 day.  LOL  

K came over for a few minutes as she’s going to watch the house and take care of the cats while we’re gone.  It’s nice having such an awesome friend!!