Ft. Riley, KS

I am in a hotel in Manhattan, KS, just outside of Ft. Riley.  We got here yesterday  – drive to Tucson, fly from Tucson to Denver, fly from Denver to Kansas City, bus from Kansas City to the hotel.  It was a long day of traveling, but for the most part it was really nice.  Getting into Denver was a little bumpy due to 50 mph winds, but we made it ok.  Last evening I went to dinner with a friend from our band and a friend from the band from Ft. Knox (they were were for a ceremony Monday but had to go back today).  We had a good time and good food.  And I ate way too much.

This morning I was up and ready and once the bus got here, we headed to the parade field on Ft. Riley.  We played a Brigade Change of Command ceremony, and it was my first "real" ceremony as the Drum Major.  (I say "real" because I did the Retirement Ceremony in April, but it wasn’t a full-out with everything ceremony.)  It went really well and after our commander gave me kudos in front of the whole band and then they applauded me.  After the ceremony was done, we headed to the band hall and boy do they have a NICE band hall here at Ft. Riley.  It was made for them and everything is new.  The band’s FRG (Family Readiness Group) provided a lunch for us, so that was kind of nice.  OH – the Ft. Riley Band (1st Infantry Division – The Big Red One) is deployed, hence the reason for other bands to come in for ceremonies.  One of the Soldiers from the 1ID Band did march with us today – that was nice on both parts.  It filled our woodwind section out a little more (she’s a piccolo player) and gave her a chance to play (band members on rear detachment don’t get to do a whole lot of playing).  

Once we got back to the hotel, I did e-mail and stuff on my computer for a little bit, but then K and I (we’re roommates!!!) both took about an hour and a half nap.  I was OUT!  Usually when I take a nap, I have a little bit of awareness of what is going on, but not today.  It sure felt good – and the hotel beds and pillows are super comfy.  After we had woken up, we headed to Walmart.  We got a cab to go there, but discovered it was only 1.25 miles away, so we walked back.  Why did we need to go to Walmart??  Well, last night when I was unpacking my suitcase, I discovered that my shorts were not in there.  They were still in the dryer back at home.  Oops!!  There was no way I was going to be hot and miserable in my jeans, so I bought a pair of shorts.  K got some granola bars for breakfast tomorrow – no free breakfast at this hotel.

After we got back from Walmart, I crocheted for a while and K just relaxed.  Then we went to dinner and our friend M met us there.  He’s a fun guy and we had a great time at dinner.  We shared a dessert called a Dump Truck.  It came in a large toy dump truck and was tons  of ice cream, brownie pieces, cookie pieces, whipped cream, and pineapple & strawberries on top.  With chocolate syrup on top of everything.  It was really good!  On our way back to the hotel, we walked around the campus of Kansas State University (which is right across the street from our hotel) for a while.  What a beautiful campus, and OLD buildings.  K-State U was founded in 1863.  It has been co-ed from the start, and was only the 3rd institute of higher learning in the country to admit men and women equally.  it was a nice after-dinner walk, and much-needed after as much as we ate.

Once back in our rooms, K and I both called our respective sweeties, and I crocheted a bit more, finishing the first skein of yarn on a baby blanket.  Now I need to finish up on the computer and get to bed.

Today’s high:  81
Current:  72

One thought on “Ft. Riley, KS

  1. KS…

    Scott was responsible in helping get the new band building there at FRK…unfortunately, with all the construction delays, he was never able to officially “open” the hall. The BRO band moved in a few months after we PCS’ed from there. It’s a shame.

    I do miss Manhattan…as I hear you mention places (I know the hotel you stayed in!) it reminds me how much I miss the town. Was the parking garage at KSU finally open? When we were there, they had a flattop lot…and they started construction on the parking garage in front of the student union. It was about 1/2 way done when we left.

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