Crazy Day

This morning I was in at 0630 for Spring Clean-ups.  BQ was part of the team cleaning from Burger King to our old building and our old parking lot.  LOTS of cigarette butts.  YUCK!  We were done at 0730 and then home to get changed into duty uniform (we were in PTs for clean-ups).  Ryan walked Robert to school.  After getting changed and eating breakfast and doing my morning computer stuff, I headed back to work for 0900 formation.  After formation, we had ceremony music rehearsal for most of the morning.  Then after rehearsal I headed to Army Community Services to get the paperwork to get a loan to be able to fly home next week.  Then it was back to my office for lunch and flight research and got the paperwork filled out.  After lunch we had drill band for a little over an hour.  It was tiring, but good practice for our long ceremonies coming up.  Then it was back to ACS to bring the paperwork back, but of course I was missing something so I couldn’t get the loan yet so I can’t get my plane tickets yet.  Grr.  Oh well, I should have the missing item tomorrow and then I’ll go back once more.  Then it was back to my office and I finally got some admin work done.  I was at work until a little after 5, and then I stopped at the commissary and shoppette on my way home.  I finally got home shortly before 6 and decided to let Papa John cook dinner tonight.  I was done – no energy left to do much of anything, but I did get a little bit of crocheting done after Robert was in bed.

Today’s high:  80
Current:  67


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