The drive home

This morning we slept in at the hotel and that sure was nice.  We had a nice leisurely "getting ready" time and left shortly before 11.  We drove to the next town over, Show Low, and stopped there for breakfast and a restaurant that had a really good brunch buffet.  Then we continued our drive home.  We went a different way than we went on Friday to get there, and it was a very pretty drive.  It took about the same amount of driving time that it took on Friday when we spent more time on the freeway, so that was nice.  Once we got back into town, we went to Cold Stone Creamery for dinner.  Then it was home and we got the van unloaded and went and got the mail from the weekend.  We spent the evening relaxing and watching the NASCAR race.  I stitched for a total of 7 hours today, about 5 1/2 in the car and then the rest at home, and I got a project finished.

Current temp:  70


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