Ryan’s Wrecking Day

Today was Ryan’s day.  He was initiated, or wrecked (as they call it), into the 40 et 8.  He left the hotel room early and went with his sponsor.  Robert and I were able to get breakfast in the hotel lobby before heading to the local Legion post with Ryan’s sponsor’s girlfriend.  The next time we saw Ryan, he was dressed up as a very ugly woman.  There were 10 total, and Ryan was by far the youngest.  They make them march around and sing different things and do other crazy things.  Then they went to a local bar and to the local Eagles club for more of the same.  They had to dance – with each other or with guys at the bar.  Robert did very well through this, although we had both talked to him to let him know what would be going on.  At various points, they had secret stuff, so we had lots of just sit and wait times.  And then they got eggs.  They put each in the stockade (one at a time) and eggs could be purchased for $1 each (fundraiser for the 40 et 8 things they support).  Ryan’s sponsor and his gf bought probably 2 dozen or so eggs between the 2 of them, and they shared with Robert and I.  Robert got the first egg on Daddy, and with the help of B (Ryan’s sponsor), got it all rubbed in nicely in Ryan’s hair.  He had eggs down the back of his dress, down the back of his underwear (which he threw away when he was able to get changed after), up his legs (courtesy of me – B gave me 2 eggs and told me to do the double thigh thing, so I did), and pretty much everywhere.  Then when there were no more eggs for him, he was let out of the stockade and got hosed off.  That water was COLD!!  And then he was able to go in and change back into his normal clothes.  They had more secret stuff, and then we were able to see part of their formal ceremony, but not really much of anything.  But Ryan is now officially a member of the 40 et 8.

Once back at the hotel, I got changed and went for a run on the hotel’s dread-mill.  I did intervals of 45 seconds at 7.5 mph and then 90 seconds of recovery at about 5.0 mph.  Total distance for the 30 minutes was 2.66  miles.   Then I hung out in the room for a little while before going down to hang out with Ryan and his friends.  Robert stayed in our room (which was like 4 doors down) and watched cartoons.  B grilled lots of burgers and hot dogs and chicken and we all had plenty of food.  Eventually I came back to the room and watched Animal Planet with Robert and got some stitching done.  Ryan came back to the room a while later.  Now I’m about ready for bed – still can hear everyone partying down the way.

Today’s high:  69
Current:  50

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