BQ Gig, Short Day, Nice Run

This morning was a Class A uniform morning.  We had a graduation ceremony to play at.  There were probably 130 or Soldiers that graduated from their Advanced Individual Training.  The ceremony went well and I got back to the band hall about 1020.  Everyone had been released to their shop heads right after formation today, so there weren’t very many around once I got to work.  I did some admin stuff until about noon and got a few things taken care of.  Ryan stopped by for a little bit and I knew he was there before he even parked.  I love our Harley!!  And I can usually differentiate ours from other Harleys.  Kind of like a mom learning her child’s cry and yell of "MOM".  It was nice seeing him for a little bit.  After he left, I finished up what I was doing and headed out.  We had Safety Day today, so I stopped by the gym to look at all the displays and I got a lot of free stuff.  And I won a $50 gift card from USAA!!!!  How cool is that!

Once home, I got changed and went for a 2.62 mile run.  It took me 27:58, a 10:39 pace.  That’s about 2 minutes per mile slower than what I hope to run my PT test in next week.  We’ll see how that goes, but I’ve still got a week.  Once done with my run, I just relaxed for a little while before Ryan and I went to get Robert and take him to his last day of swimming lessons for this go-round.  He’s made more progress, but he’ll still be in the same level (Seals) next time.  He’s finally starting to go under water a little bit!  

After swimming was done, we went to Target for a few things and then to McDonald’s for dinner.  Then it was home and the guys built with Legos for a while and I got laundry going.  I also crocheted some and did computer stuff to end the day.

Today’s high:  80
Current:  62

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