M-16 non-Qualification Day and then there was today

Yesterday was an EARLY morning that almost didn’t start.  My cell phone powered itself down overnight and that is what I use for my alarm clock.  I’ve NEVER had a problem before.  So my alarm didn’t go off at 0400 so I could be up shortly after 0430 like I had planned.  Something woke me up and when I looked at my watch, it was 0505!!  Yikes!!!  So I got Robert up and I got ready and helped him get ready, and we were out the door at 0530 – only 5 minutes later than I had planned.  Whew.  I dropped him off at Child Time on my way to 0600 formation.  Once at work, those of us in the early group (4 of us – everyone else was in at 0645) went and signed for the rifle range and got the targets set up and everything ready to go.  We ended up having to wait on the civilian that work the ammo supply point yet again.  They were supposed to be there at 0730 but they finally showed up sometime after 8.  So we finally got the range going.  I was in the first firing order.  I did not even zero.  That’s the first time in my career that I didn’t zero on the first try.  I wasn’t too happy.  But life goes on.  During the second firing order, I took over as the OIC for a little while and got to give the commands for firing (get in the firing position, lock and load, etc.).  I was the Alternate OIC, and the primary one needed to take a bathroom break, so I took over.  Then I was back on the range for the 3rd firing order.  And the 4th.  I just could not shoot worth anything yesterday.  At least I sort of zeroed on my second try and I shot a 14 during qualification (need 23 to qualify).  The last time out, I got a REALLY good zero and I felt good.  I did manage to improve my score, but only to a 20.  It was super windy yesterday and during my last go, I was about getting blown over during the kneeling position.  Not fun.  And then I still had to help clean up the range and do everything in reverse of the morning.  It was a long and tiring day, and somewhat frustrating as well since I didn’t qualify.  Don’t worry – they’re not going to kick me out of the Army for that.  I’m not even getting in trouble.  

After everything was done at the range, I gave KS a ride back to the band hall and then I headed home for a little bit to change and get cleaned up before getting Robert from Child Time and heading to swimming lessons.  I crocheted some while he was in the pool.  After we got home, I made mac & cheese for dinner and after dinner Robert did his homework and read his book from school.  After he was in bed, I went to bed.  I was in bed shortly after 8:30 last night.  I was just wiped out.

This morning I walked Robert to school and then headed to work.  BQ had a short rehearsal at 0830 for our gig we had this morning.  After formation, we headed to the gig site.  We played for the ribbon cutting ceremony for a new building on post.  The gig went well and then after I did some admin work before lunch, ate and checked my e-mail during lunch, and then after lunch we had some classes on various subjects.  Once the classes were done, I took care of a couple of e-mails and then went and took care of some paperwork at two different places.  Then it was time to head to get Robert for swimming lessons.  I crocheted while he swam and then we came home and had pb & js for dinner (prickly pear cactus jelly and crunchy peanut butter).  Robert is sound asleep now, and I will be soon.  I’m still tired from yesterday.

Today’s high:  78
Current:  65


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