Happy Mothers Day!!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers in my life, especially my Mom and my Grandma!!    But also to all those who are Moms or like a Mom!!

This morning was early church, so we were out the door by 0725 for 0730 choir warm-ups for the 0800 service.  Robert was very well-behaved during the service as always.  The childrens’ sermon was a puppet show about what it meant to be a mother.  It was really cool.  Then we went grocery shopping and we were home by 1030.  I had the groceries put away and got yesterday’s laundry folded and put away by about 1115 or so.  And then we spent the day just chilling out.  We finished watching the NASCAR race from last night’s Tivo.  We watched some Extreme Makeover Home Editions.  I stitched.  We played.  We colored.  We had pizza for dinner.  It was a good day.  During the afternoon I called my Grandma and also got to talk to my Aunt.  And then in the evening, I called Mom & Dad.

Robert made me the coolest stuff at school.  A flower pot with his "hands" and a flower pen, and a picture of a bouquet of flowers. 

Today’s high:  84
Current:  70

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