TDY to the Presidio of Monterey

It has been a whirlwind two days.  Yesterday morning, formation was at 0245.  In uniform.  We drove to Tucson to the airport and got checked in for our early morning flight.  We flew to San Jose, CA, via Los Angeles.  We only had about an hour in LA – just enough time for me to have a bagel and some apple juice for breakfast.  Both flights were not very full at all, so that was nice.  I only had a little bit of trouble going through security with my Drum Major mace.  After I explained to them what it is, what it was used for, and why we take it carry-on, they let it go through.  Of course, then I got all kinds of strange looks as I was walking around the airports.  LOL  

After we got to San Jose, those that needed to got their baggage (I only had a carry on since it was only for one night) and we got on the charter bus for the hour and a half drive to Monterey.  I stitched for a few more minutes (stitched some on the planes, until I was too tired and then I napped a little) but it was much too bumpy to stitch.  So I took a magazine out and read about 3 paragraphs and then I just crashed.  I slept the whole ride and didn’t wake up until we got to the Army Lodging on the Presidio.  Once we got checked in, we had pizza for lunch and then had a couple of hours of down time before the change of command ceremony, during which I got caught up on e-mail and stuff on my computer and took a shower to help wake me up a little.  And speaking of changes. . .  One of the trombone players got sick on the flight there and wasn’t going to be able to do the ceremony.  So 4 people got switched around.  Original plan – me as Drum Major, 1SG as conductor, SH on trumpet, and KC on cymbals.  New plan – me on trombone (playing the sick guy’s horn), 1SG on cymbals, KC on SH’s trumpet, and SH did both Drum Major and conductor.  The ceremony went well and there was (I estimate) close to 1000 people there!!  The Change of Command was for the Commandant of the Defense Language Institute and Commanding Officer of the Presidio (same person).

The ceremony lasted about an hour, and as we were walking back to lodging, we heard lots of comments about how good the band was.  That’s always nice to actually get some credit for doing our job.  Once back in my room, I got changed out of uniform, and then I met up with "the girls" – KC, RR, and ES.  We got a taxi and went down to Cannery Row for dinner.  We ate at a place called The Fish Hopper, and WOW was that some AWESOME food!!!  I had their award-winning clam chowder in a bread bowl.  The other 3 had various seafood dishes.  And then we all had various chocolate desserts after.  We had a great time, and have decided that we’re going to try and do a girls’ night out once in a while.  Once we were finished, we got a taxi and headed back to lodging.  Once I was back in my room, it was probably less than a half hour and I was OUT.  I had only had about 4 hours of sleep since getting up Wednesday morning at 0630.

This morning I got up at 0700, checked my e-mail and stuff quick, and then got packed up.  I headed to check out about 0730 and grabbed a muffin and some coffee for breakfast.  Once the bus arrived, we got everything loaded on the bus and headed back to San Jose.  What a beautiful drive!!!!  GREEN GREEN GREEN!!!  I never realized how much I miss seeing GREEN grass and GREEN trees and GREEN fields until I saw it again.  LOL  Don’t get me wrong, I think Arizona is beautiful, but in it’s own way.  I read magazines on the bus since it was too bumpy to stitch.  We got checked in at the airport, and again, with just a bit of explaining, I was allowed through security with my mace.  We got there way early – I think we had like 2 1/2 hours before our flight.  But there is free Wi-Fi at the San Jose airport, so I was able to play on my computer a bit, and then I stitched.

The flight wasn’t full and that was nice again.  I stitched more on the whole hour flight to LA.  Then we had about an hour and a half at LA, and I grabbed a bite to eat.  Once we were on the plane again, I got my stitching out again.  This flight was FULL, but the people (not band) that I was sitting between didn’t mind my stitching.  I finished a project just as we were landing in Tucson.  Then we got our bags (well, not me, but others) and got in the vans and headed home.  I read Runners World the whole way back.  Once back to the band hall, we had a quick "put out information" time and then I headed home.  I picked Robert up from the baby sitter that my baby sitter brought him to, and then I took him to Cold Stone Creamery for a treat.  Once home he played for a while, I called Ryan, and just relaxed.  Robert is sound asleep, and I will be soon, too.

Yesterday’s high at Monterey:  64
Current temp in Sierra Vista:  68 (the high was 84)

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