EST Again and swimming lessons start back up

This morning we were at the EST weapons trainer again in preparation of going to the qualification range next Monday.  Once again, I ran it.  It went well, and I think everyone did well.  That took pretty much all morning and on my way back to the band hall, I stopped at my admin higher-ups to pick up some paperwork for Chief’s signature.  Ryan got to the band hall shortly after I did and he visited with ME for a little while while I ate my lunch.  The ME, who is in a photography class and needed some to do some pictures of couples, and Ryan and I went outside and he took a bunch of pictures of us in several locations.  It was kind of fun, and especially seeing Ryan in the middle of my day!  Then Ryan left to go do what he needed to do this afternoon and I headed back to my desk.  I got a TON of stuff accomplished this afternoon and I’m very happy about that.  About 1630 I headed out to pick Robert up from Child Time and we headed to The Cove for swimming lessons.  He has a different teacher this go, but he’s also really nice, just like last time.  Robert even went underwater today!!  He was super excited about it after.  Then it was home for mac & cheese for dinner, and after dinner, I got to drive Ryan’s bike around a little bit!  I’m going to try and start driving it more so I can get comfortable on it since it will be mine someday.

Time for bed now.

Today’s high:  73
Current:  60


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