Bisbee Law Day and some classes

This morning was a little earlier formation for the Brass Quintet.  Once we had our stuff loaded in the van, we headed to Bisbee for their Law Day celebration.  I’ve never heard of Law Day before, but apparently it’s been celebrated in the US since 1958.  The ceremony was outside on the steps of the Cochise County Courthouse in Bisbee.  It was windy and therefore cold, and the thing lasted an hour and a half.  They had had an essay contest and all the winners (like 9 of them) read their essays, and then they had a guest speaker on top of all that.  Ugh.  And Brrrr.  And I had to pee really bad by the end.  But the ceremony went well other than all that.  And I got an hour of stitching in on the ride to and from Bisbee.  We got back most of the way through lunch, but we were given a little extra time to eat.  Then we had classes this afternoon – a professional development class on how to do developmental counseling and then our annual required suicide prevention training.  After the classes, they had a sequence rehearsal for the ceremony next week, but since I’m Drum Majoring and not playing, I didn’t have to go.  I got some admin stuff done – updated my dry-erase tracking board, did some paperwork, and sent some e-mails.  It was a productive day.  I headed home about 1630 and picked Robert up on my way.  After changing, we went to Walmart for cat food and cat litter and then to Burger King for dinner.  Holy cow have they gotten expensive.  Fast food does not equal inexpensive anymore.  Then we headed home and the guys built Legos for a while and I crocheted.

Today’s high:  71
Current:  49

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