After walking Robert to school, I finished getting ready for work.  After formation, I spent the morning doing admin work.  Lunch was at Golden Corral for a Hail & Farewell Luncheon.  It was nice being at a buffet place so that we didn’t have to wait for food that we had to order.  He said farewell to one Soldier and Hailed about 8.  It’s been a while.  After lunch we had a short Brass Quintet rehearsal and then I went through my audition pieces a little bit.  I did a little bit more admin work to close out the day.  I headed home and picked Robert up on my way.  Once home, I took about a 45 minute nap – I’ve been wiped out lately again.  After my nap was a shower, and then Ryan made mac & cheese for dinner.  He headed to the Legion for the monthly meeting and Robert and I worked on his homework and reading for school.  And I crocheted for a little bit before we headed to the church for choir practice.  Rehearsal was short today as we don’t have a lot of stuff to work on anymore with only a month left before summer break.  Then it was home to get Robert to bed, and after he was tucked in, I crocheted a bit more and finished a baby bib.

Today’s high:  80
Current:  69