Jam-packed day

Today was a busy day at work, but it sure went by fast.  After formation, we had our quarterly alcohol awareness class.  Then when that was done (and it took almost an hour), I did admin work until lunch.  During lunch, I ate and stitched.  Then after lunch we had drill band, so I went out a little early to practice by myself before the band got out there.  Drill band went well – we did 2 Sound Offs, a Pass in Review, and then another Sound Off.  Then we had a bit of a break before Brass Quintet rehearsal, which I ran again today.  Since it was so nice outside, we went and played at the gazebo on the parade field.  Once we were done with rehearsal, I gathered my stuff up and headed out for the day and headed for my allergy shot.  After the allergy shots, I headed home, picking Robert up from Child Time on my way.  Last night after the recital they had had TONS of food and TONS of food left over.  We had taken some sandwiches home, and we had those for dinner.  It was a nice easy dinner and nice that I didn’t have to cook since I was wiped out from the day.  After dinner, I talked to my Aunt Carol for a while – thanks for the phone call!  It was great chatting!  Robert played Mario Baseball for a while before bed.  After he was in bed, I stitched more.

Today’s high:  78
Current:  66

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