Masters Recital

This morning was early church which was good but tired.  Then home for a while and we got started watching the NASCAR race on Tivo.  Then we went to Best Buy and the Geek Squad guys were able to retrieve Ryan’s resume off one of his old hard drives.  It took about a half hour and so we went into the mall and let Robert play in the play area there.  It was nice when we first got there – he was the only kid there.  He had a lot of fun playing and showing off his handstands to Daddy.  Then we went back to Best Buy and his resume was there – now on a CD so he can redo it.  Then we went to the grocery store and got almost $30 worth of groceries for $20!!  Then home for a while.  I crocheted a couple of fridgies for an exchange and played on my computer.  Ryan grilled brats for an early dinner, and after we ate, I went to the garage and ran through my solo for my audition once.  It went really well with no warm-up.  Hmm. . . .  Then we headed to Tucson to the School of Music at the University of Arizona.  We attended the Masters Recital by BG, a fellow Army trombone player.  He used to be at Ft. Huachuca, but he left before I got here.  I know him because we were in BNCOC (Basic NCO Course) together back in 2006.  His recital went really well, and then there was a reception afterward with tons of food.  And we got to talk to B and his wife and meet his parents.  His high school band director was there, and they hadn’t seen each other in close to 25 years!  That was a cool reunion.  And I got to meet the trombone professor, with whom I will be doing my audition with on Friday.  It was a good evening even though we got home super late.  Robert slept in the car on the way home, and then once home, he got ready for bed and climbed up and went right under his covers.  I read him a short book and he was out by the end of it.

Time for bed for me as well.

Today’s high:  75
Current:  58

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