Fun Saturday

I slept in this morning until almost 9, and after almost 12 hours of sleep, I sure felt good!  Robert and I had breakfast together – Ryan was already gone on a motorcycle ride with the American Legion Riders.  We just relaxed and played this morning.  Then we went to the park for a while.  I practiced my drum major stuff for a while and then we played catch with his football, and then the frisbee.  He had a lot of fun being upside-down boy – he was even trying (fairly successfully) to do handstands.  It was a lot of fun.  Then it was home and we raced each other in Mario Kart and I actually beat him by 1 point!!!  He was excited that Mommy finally did good.  Ryan took a nap when he got home.  I got dinner in the oven and then went out to the garage to practice my trombone for a while.  Dinner was good and then after we ate, there was more play time before bedtime.  Once Robert was in bed, I crocheted and finished another baby blanket except for tucking in the ends.

Off to bed now. . .

Today’s high:  66
Current:  54

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