When I woke up this morning, it was SNOWING.  This is the end of April in southern Arizona.  HUH?????  It  wasn’t sticking here in town, but boy did it stick on post (higher elevation by several hundred feet).  It sure did put me in a good mood for the day, though!!  Enjoy the two pictures at the end.  After formation, 1SG had to talk to me about a few different things and that took like 1/2 hour.  Then I went and did some admin work for a while before going to get my allergy shot.  After my shot and my 1/2 hour of waiting after, I went to the PX and got a few snacks and a venti dark cherry mocha from Starbucks.  Then it was back to the band hall for extra duty supervision.  We went from noon to 7 today.  At least we were inside the band hall since it was cold out.  I was able to play on my computer, stitch, and I even practiced my trombone for a while.  Eventually 1900 rolled around and I was able to head home to start my weekend.  I went to the Legion on my way home – the guys were there working the steak dinner.  Well, by the time I got there they were just cleaning up.  Robert came home with me and I allowed him to play Mario Kart for a little while before bed since he had been such a big help to Daddy and the other Legion guys.  Now he’s in bed, and I’m heading that way myself.

Today’s high:  53
Current:  46

(Click each picture to see it bigger)
Here is a picture looking from the parking lot to the back side of our "new" band hall this morning:

And this one is looking from our second floor balcony across Brown Parade Field where we do ceremonies.  You can just see the post flag pole near the center at the top.  It was probably a little over an inch on the parade field, and then it was completely gone by noon.

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