Bsuy day

Today went by pretty fast.  After formation, we had Brass Quintet rehearsal, run by me again.  Since we had an early lunch today, I only had a few minutes for some admin work after rehearsal, but I got done what I needed to get done.  During lunch, I ate and then started a new cross stitch project.  The reason for the early lunch?  We had training at the EST (Engagement Skills Trainer) starting at 1230 and normally our lunch goes until 1300.  So I headed over to the EST to get it signed for and get things set up.  I was in charge over there again.  Things went well, although some people had quite a bit of trouble with zeroing, but I think ultimately everyone did.  The guy that runs the weapons training system is really cool, and he helped a couple of our Soldiers with their shooting.  After we were done at the EST, I headed back to my office and did a few more admin things that had come in during the afternoon.  Then I headed home.  I picked Robert up on my way and he played Mario Kart for a little bit when we got home.  We went to Peter Piper Pizza for dinner as the school district was having fundraiser night there for their summer program, called Summer Bridge Program.  It’s a 5 week program during the summer for students who either need help with reading and/or math or want to learn other subjects – science, technology, and art.  Robert will be doing the art and science classes and he’s really excited about them.  After we finally got our pizza – the place was like a ZOO with kids running crazy all over the place and it was packed in there – and ate, we headed home to get Robert to bed.  He read his books from school and then I read him a bedtime story.  After he was in bed, I crocheted for a little bit.

Today’s high:  53
Current:  40