What a day

Today was a long day back to work.  It started early with the Range Safety class so we can be certified to be safeties on the qualification range.  The class lasted a little over an hour and wasn’t really too bad.  Then it was off to the new band hall to work on making the office areas look like an office.  I managed to piss off one of the members of my admin team (my 2nd in command).  I felt that it only made sense to have the desk (a 6 ft. table) at the end of the row of the admin "desks", but that’s the one he had set his computer up on.  He got all pissed off when I told him we were changing.  But the change was made and I think everyone else in the room enjoyed the little temper tantrum he threw.  Whatever.  

Then we went outside in the wind for an hour of drill band.  We did a lot of counter marches and turns, both playing and not playing.  Things looked a lot better after that hour than at the ceremony last week.  It wasn’t easy marching into the wind, but we can’t control the weather conditions for parades and ceremonies, so we practice in less than perfect conditions as well.  That took us to lunch time.  I went home since I had forgotten to bring a cross stitch project.

After lunch we had Brass Quintet rehearsal at the old building since no one had brought chairs (other than office chairs) over to the new place.  I got to run rehearsal today as our group leader will be gone for a few gigs.  Rehearsal went well and I think we got quite a bit accomplished.  After rehearsal it was back to the band hall to do admin work.  I got mostly caught up, but after I got home I remembered a couple more e-mails that I forgot to send.  Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.  We had a formation to end out the day, with information about tomorrow and the rest of the week and next week.

I picked Robert up on my way home and once home, I just collapsed.  I was too tired to even go to choir practice.  😦  Ryan cooked dinner tonight and WOW was it good!  He made eggs to order (Robert had scrambled and Ryan and I had omelets).  My omelet had chopped spinach and swiss cheese in it.  It was soooooooooooooooo good!!  Then he made bacon in the oven and toast.  It was a really good dinner and I didn’t even have to cook.  My sweetie is so awesome!!

It’s only 2100 right now, but I’m heading to bed.

Today’s high :  71
Current:  52


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