Good bye Rick. :-(

This morning Robert’s walk to school was a little sad.  He had to say goodbye to Uncle Rick.  We stayed for a while until they went inside, and Rick got quite a few hugs from Robert.  Then we walked home and Rick got packed and he and I said our goodbyes (Ryan had said goodbye before he had left for class).  Rick got going back to the Tucson airport and I got ready to go run.  I only went 2.51 miles, but I did intervals – 30 seconds fast and 60 seconds recovery.  I average about 7:45 pace for my fast segments, but my last one was all the way down to 5:45 pace.  Too bad I can’t keep that up for long periods of time.  My total time was 27:09.  After my run and a shower, I headed to the grocery store for food for the week.  Then after those were all put away, I went and got a manicure and pedicure.  It actually wasn’t busy at my nail place at all today, so that was nice.  Then it was home again and I just enjoyed relaxing for a while before I went to get Robert from Child Time.  Once home, he played Mario Kart Wii, and even Ryan and I played a little bit.  We just had sandwiches for dinner since I didn’t fee like cooking.  Then we had a relaxing evening as well.  After Robert was in bed, I continued crocheting on the baby blanket that I had started earlier today.

Today’s high:  75
Current:  66

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