Moving Day, Retirement Ceremony, Chicago, and Tombstone

Yesterday was a LONG day and I was too tired to write by the time I finally got home.  Yesterday morning I had formation at 0730 in PT uniform, and after formation, we started packing up our offices.  We are moving out of our building that they’re trying to renovate around us!!!!  So by 0930 the admin shop was packed up and most of the other offices were done as well.  We got the U-haul loaded with all our boxes of documents, desk supplies, computers, etc., and headed over to our "new" building.  We’re going to (temporarily until at least September) be in one of the original buildings of Ft. Huachuca.  It’s not the best place, but it’s certainly better than being in the dust and noise of our construction area.  Admin, Training, Operations, Transportation, and Public Affairs will all be sharing one area, but it’s a good sized area and we’ll have plenty of room.  The head of Operations/Training and myself will be sharing an office, so that will be nice!  We were done at 1230 and I headed home for lunch and a little down time and a lot of water.  At 1:30 me and Ryan and Rick headed to the school to pick Robert up and then at 2:45 we headed back to post for my 3:15 formation for the Retirement Ceremony.  I was the Drum Major for the ceremony and it went really well.  I had a few MINOR oopses, but nothing major so that was good.  The guys enjoyed watching the ceremony.

After the ceremony and after the band had gotten back to the band hall, I got changed into a sundress and my sandals.  K took Robert home (I gave her my house key again) and Ryan and Rick and I headed to Tucson where we saw Chicago – The Musical.  We had dinner at Subway before the show.  The performance was really good.  Of course, being the non-theater person that I am (I think my brother got ALL the theater genes in our family), I really enjoyed the pit orchestra and the music.  But the pit orchestra wasn’t in the orchestra pit.  They were onstage and actually a part of the set and the play!!!  That was really cool getting to watch them.  I slept for a while on the way home, and we got home just before midnight.  I checked my e-mail for a little bit and was in bed about 12:20.

This morning we got up at our leisure and had breakfast on our own.  I got potatoes peeled and a roast in the crock pot with the taters and carrots for dinner.  Then about 11 or so we headed to Tombstone to play tourist.  We walked along historical Allen St. and browsed through some shops.  We ate lunch at Big Nose Kate’s – really good food.  And near the end of the day, we caught the gun fight at the OK Corral.  That was pretty good, but not knowing the story behind it or anything, I was expecting a lot more gun fighting, but it was all at the end.  We got our pictures taken with Doc Holliday, Wyatt Earp, and the Sheriff afterward.  That was pretty cool.  Then they had stuff to look at from that time period and from the shoot out.  Once we were done looking, we headed out to walk a little more and Rick treated us all to ice cream (thanks, Rick!!) before we headed home.  On our way, we stopped by the San Pedro River and walked down to see the river and stuff.  Our last stop on our way home was Target so I could get a gift bag and a few things to put with the baby blanket for the baby shower tomorrow.  Once home, we all just relaxed and played on computers or with Legos.  Eventually I made some crescent rolls to go along with the roast and we had dinner.  It was really good and barely any leftovers.  After Robert was in bed, I stitched more (I had stitched in the car while we were driving).

Today’s high:  78
Current:  65

Here is a picture of Lady of the Flag by Mirabilia framed!!  My new framing shop did an awesome job with her!!

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