Drill Band and Company!!!

This morning Robert surprised me.  He was actually awake and out in the living room like 10 minutes BEFORE his alarm went off.  That never happens.  Or I guess I should say that it almost never happens.  It sure was nice not having to beg and plead with him to get out of bed (yes, I know, Mom.  You know someone else who used to be like that. . .) and get read for school.  I had formation at 0800, so Ryan walked Robert to school.  I got to work a little late thanks to the "parking lot" that the highway had turned into.  Traffic was AWFUL this morning.  I went faster once I finally got on post than what I was driving on the highway.  But I texted my team leader so he knew that I would be late.  After I got there, they were just finishing up announcements and stuff and started music rehearsal for tomorrow and Friday’s gigs.  After the music rehearsal was done (about 45 minutes), we got in the unit’s vehicles and headed to a parade field that isn’t used and we practice our Pass in Review there.  We did 3 1/2 of them.  It was good practice both for me and for the band.  There was 3 1/2 because part way through one of them, 1SG told me to halt the band after they had finished the turn.  So I did and he told them that they looked like crap and to fix it.  Each time through was progressively better, so that’s a good thing.

Then it was back to the band hall and to my office to get some work done.  I stitched at lunch and finished the little project I’ve been working on.  After lunch was more admin stuff and then I practiced my trombone for a little while before heading home.  I met the guys – all 3 of them!! – at Child Time.  Robert was super excited that Uncle Rick has come to visit.  My brother is here for a week to visit!  Then we headed home and I got changed and after a while we went to McDonald’s for supper.  Then we followed Ryan to the Legion (he was on his bike) as he had a picture/plaque to bring and we had it in the car.  Kind of hard for him to carry something like that on the bike.  After we dropped the plaque off with Ryan, me and Robert and Rick headed home.  After a while, I headed to choir practice at the church.  Rehearsal went well.  Once home, Robert was in bed already, but he came out and gave me hugs.  Then I tucked the ends in on the baby blanket I finished crocheting last night.

Off to bed now.

Today’s high:  75
Current:  61


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