My debut as Drum Major – part of 3 gigs in one day

This morning I was up early and in uniform.  I headed out to the new Child Care center on post.  They had the ribbon cutting ceremony and it was also the kick-off for a day of activities for the Month of the Military Child celebration.  That was a Brass Quintet gig, and it went well.  Then I headed home to relax for a while before heading back to post with Ryan and Robert.  Once at the band hall, I got my mace & gauntlets and got the Baldric (a ceremonial sash worn by the drum major).  I rode with Ryan and Robert in the van, but we had to follow the band vehicles to Tombstone.  I crocheted on the way there.  Once we got parked, I got the Baldric on and pinned in place (there’s a pin on the shoulder so it doesn’t slide off) and we walked to the parade start point.  After a while, I got the band formed up and we tuned and then waited for the parade to start.  I gave the instruments up signal, and then when I commanded "Forward, March" the band stepped off playing.  The parade went really well – my name was even announced at the announcers stand, but they slaughtered my LAST name.  How hard is Yearicks??  Oh well!  I have officially joined the ranks of Drum Major!  I even got a text message from my Commander later on:  "U looked great today.  Congratulations and welcome to the drum major club!"  I thought that was pretty cool!  Of course, at the end of the parade, Chief told the band they did a good job, and then they all applauded me.  I’m glad that my first time as Drum Major was a nice short parade (4 blocks) and I didn’t have a whole lot I could mess up.  The rest test will be next Friday for the Installation Retirement Ceremony!

After the parade was done, I went to the van and put my Drum Major stuff away and got changed out of uniform into my Sierra Vista Community Band "uniform" (band polo shirt and khaki pants).  Of course, I managed to forget shoes, so I wore my boots.  LOL  Robert and I said goodbye to Ryan (he was heading back up to the mountain to do more caving stuff) and we walked to where the concert was going to be.  We found a little ice cream shop and we had ice cream for lunch.  Then I went and got my stuff set up for the concert and we played for about an hour.  It went really well, including my little dixieland solo!!  After the concert, Robert and I rode back home with K.  I got changed and K went to her apartment to change and then came and picked us up again and we headed out to RR’s.  She had a little cookout with me and K and our new clarinet player ES, and BQ tuba player EV was there, too.  We had a great time and lots of good food – steaks, yummy taters done in the oven, and salad.  And Oreos for dessert.  We stayed for a while after we ate and then we headed home.  I got Robert to bed and then crocheted for a little bit more.

Today’s high:  77
Current:  62

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