Drill Band & Extra Duty

This morning after formation we had Drill Band.  We marched around the parking lot for a while to practice for tomorrow’s parade and then we practiced a Pass in Review a few times to prepare for next Friday’s retirement ceremony.  I will be Drum Majoring both the parade and ceremony!  I’m a little nervous about tomorrow, but I’m sure I’ll be fine.  The parade is only 4 blocks long.  How much can I possibly mess up in 4 blocks?  LOL

After drill band, we did details and were done for the day.  But not me.  Today was my turn to supervise our Soldier that’s on extra duty because he screwed up.  His task is to do police call (aka – pick up trash) all over post.  So the supervisor gets to drive him around in the unit’s truck.  We started off good and then I decided to head up to the Garden Canyon area, and see what kind of trash was around the picnic and training areas.  Well, there wasn’t a whole lot of trash other than a few toilet paper "snakes", but there was a HUGE mud puddle.  Of course, when I made the decision to drive through said mud puddle to turn the truck around, the puddle didn’t look very deep.  Well, looks can be deceiving.  Yup – I got the truck stuck.  And not just stuck – it was STUCK.  The front tires were about 3/4 covered in water and the rear tires. . .  well, let’s just say that the water was kind of touching the back bumper.  And of course the truck is not 4WD.  And there’s no way I’m getting out my door since there’s about 3 feet until the  edge of the puddle and the boots I had on are my ONLY pair of boots – and the ones I have to wear for the parade tomorrow.  So I climbed out my door onto the hood of the truck, crossed to the other side and was able to jump from the hood to dry ground.  A couple of guys in a car came by (they had been bird-watching farther up the road) and they offered to give me a ride to Range Control so I could get help.  so I left my Soldier – told him to take a break LOL –  and headed out with the 2 guys. They dropped me off at Range Control and I explained what had happened and they got tow straps and we headed back up.  My Soldier went in the water – up to his calves – and got the truck hooked up.  And he helped me get back to the truck without getting in the water – back onto the hood of the truck and then I played NASCAR and went in through the window.  It took about 10 seconds to get the truck pulled out of the puddle.  We thanked the Range Control guys and we continued our trash picking up.  I did take the Soldier back to his house (on post) so he could get dry boots.  The rest of the 7 hours was uneventful.  I got a lot of reading done while he was out picking up trash.

Ryan had stuff going on today and this evening and had the van, so K picked Robert up from Child Time, took him home (did her laundry while she was here), ordered pizza, and then came and picked me up.  The three of us returned home and ate the pizza and then she brought Robert and I to the place where Community Band rehearses.  We had our final run through for tomorrow’s concert this evening.  I got there late, but I had only missed about 4 songs.  Rehearsal went well and Robert was really well behaved.  When we were done, K was there to pick us up and bring us home.  I’m very thankful that she is here and is willing to help out.  She’s an awesome friend!!

Once home, Robert and I had some ice cream and then he headed to bed and I crocheted for a little bit.  I’m off to bed now, too.  Another long day tomorrow.

Today’s high:  78
Current:  60

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