Not much again

After walking Robert to school and finishing getting ready, I headed to the auto shop on my way to work.  No, not to bring my van in, but to pick up SH who dropped his car off there and needed a ride to work.  After formation, we pulled weeds out of our rocks, swept the courtyard, and did good details all over the building (for what it’s worth with all the dust and other dirt the construction workers are making).  I cleaned the female latrine.  Then I did a little bit of work, but mostly played on my computer for the rest of the morning.  I stitched a little during lunch, and then after lunch I headed to my doctor’s appointment.  Many of us in the Band are stuffed up, headaches, etc. because of our work conditions with the construction going on around us.  So I went to the doctor and that was about a waste of my time.  He didn’t even look in my nose or throat or anything.  And then he became MAJ Obvious.  (He was a Major, so he couldn’t be Captain Obvious.)  He said I had allergies.  DUH!!!!!!!  The allergen I had the biggest reaction to during my skin test was DUST.  I’m working in DUST.  He didn’t even bother to notate in my medical records that I was working in a building where they have been doing asbestos removal.  Or that they’re drilling through concrete in my office while I’m in there working.  Another female from the band had an appointment right before mine with the same MAJ and he told her the same thing.  But at least he looked in her nose and ears and stuff.  And of course, he prescribed allergy meds that don’t really work for me anymore because I’ve been on them for so long.  But whatever. . . .  *rolling my eyes*  After my doctor appointment, I went back to work to finish out the day.  On my way home, I stopped at the refill pharmacy to pick up my prescription refill that I tried to get yesterday but they were at lunch.  Then I got home and had a nice relaxing evening.  After dinner and after Robert was in bed, I crocheted some.  I finished a couple of fridgies and started another baby blanket.

Today’s high:  78  (and to make Dad jealous, I walked to get the mail barefoot)
Current:  62

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