Christ is Risen!! He is risen indeed!

Happy Easter!!  This morning was church morning.  I was up at 0415 and in my Dress Blue uniform by 0430.  R was up also and she and I played Easter Bunny and got all 24 eggs hidden before heading to post.  We had to be at Reservoir Hill by 0530 – Brass Quintet played at the Sunrise Service.  The sunrise was BEAUTIFUL!  I took a picture after the service was over (see below).  Then it was back home to change out of uniform and into spring-y church clothes.  Robert woke up just before I left and I reminded him that he wasn’t to look for anything until Mommy got home and Daddy was awake.  I was at church by 0830 for choir warm-ups, and after we went through our pieces, I went through my trombone solo with F before the service.  I played "Easter Medley" (arranged by me) for the prelude.  The service was really nice and the church was packed.  After the service, I went home and Robert was able to look a little bit.  He found his Easter basket in the dryer and a few of his eggs before we headed back to the church.  I played the prelude again and everyone really enjoyed it.  This was the first time I’ve played trombone at this church.  The service was really nice again, but I was really sneezing and miserable by the end.  Between the Easter lilies and the lady next to me in the choir wearing perfume. . . .  Once we got home, I took a couple of Benydryl and Robert found all the rest of his eggs.  I had to give him a few hints, but he’s getting lots better at knowing how/where to look.  

We had decided to go eat about 1400.  About 1330, my Benydryl kicked in hard and I slept on the couch for about 20 minutes.  I felt a little better after that short nap.  We headed out and picked up K on our way to Golden Corral for our Easter dinner.  We all ate our fill and had a great time.  Then we brought her home and I was fighting the Benydryl sleepies again so I went and laid down for about an hour.  Then I got my stitching out and made my weekly phone call home to Mom & Dad.  Rick is home and I got to talk to him, too.  That’s always nice.  Robert talked for a little bit as well.  Robert had a bowl of cereal for dinner as he was hungry.  And I stitched more.

Off to bed now as my second dose of Benydryl is starting to kick in.

Today’s high:  75
Current:  64


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