What a day!

Saturday morning.  And I was up and in uniform by 0700.  K came over about 0730 to hang out with Robert and I headed out to post for another Troop Departure ceremony.  I had to be there at 8, but I’m glad I brought a book with me.  The Brass Band didn’t start playing until about 0930 and they played for about 45 minutes.  Then we (BQ) played for about 20 minutes or so and then they played some more.  The "official" part finally started about 1115.  There were lots of Patriot Guard Riders there today – including Ryan (hence K coming over to watch Robert) – I counted 18 flags for their flag line.  We played as the Soldiers left the gym and then we were done and I headed home.  I played Wii with Robert for a while and then I got laundry going – 4 loads today.  I also got the guest bed made up again with the sheets I washed yesterday, cleaned the litter box, and got my Topsy Turvy planters planted.  I have one tomato plant, one cucumber plant, and one green pepper plant.  We’ll see how they work.  Then I got to relax for a little before starting meatloaf for dinner.  RR came over about 1745 to join us for dinner and just as dinner was getting ready, Ryan thought about K and called her and invited her over as well.  She was here about a minute and a half after Ryan called her.  We had a very good dinner of meatloaf, mashed taters, corn, salad, and dinner rolls.  It’s always nice having friends over for dinner.  K headed home shortly after we ate, and the rest of us dyed 2 dozen eggs for Easter.  R is spending the night as we have to be in super early in the morning as BQ is playing at the Easter Sunrise Service on post at 0600.   I got Robert to bed and then I stitched for a while.  Off to bed for me as well.

Today’s high:  75
Current:  60


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