Good Friday

I woke up a little after 8 this morning – after 11 hours of sleep!!!  That sure was nice, and definitely needed.  Robert played and I did computer stuff and when Ryan got up, he made breakfast for us – eggs to order, sausage, and hash browns.  It was really good.  Then we headed to The Cove for splash time.  Robert had a great time – we all did.  Then we went to the grocery store for a few things and then home for a while.  Just before 2, Robert and I headed to Child Time.  They were doing Easter egg hunts today and Robert didn’t want to miss it, so I had called this morning to see if it would be ok if he came just for the egg hunt and they said it would be fine.  So he got his basket he made yesterday and each child was allowed to find 2 real eggs (they had colored them yesterday) and 1 plastic one.  Robert found all of his, and the plastic egg had jelly beans in it which he shared with me.  He played on the playground for a little while with his friends and got to have an afternoon snack before we headed back home to play some more.

At 5, the American Legion Riders had a group picture, and Robert and I joined them for that since we’re Supporters.  There probably 25 bikes there and the guy taking the pictures did several different shots from various angles.  Some with us on the bikes and some with us off.  When we were on the bike, I sat behind Ryan and Robert sat on the gas tank in front of him.  When we were off the bikes, Robert knelt on the seat so he could be seen.  They’re putting together a calendar and this will be the cover.  Once we were done there, the three of us went to Jack in the Box for a quick dinner and then I had to be at church at 6:30 for choir warm-ups.

Our choir did our cantata as the majority of the Good Friday service at 7.  There was a prayer and a reading before we started and then our cantata and then Pastor gave a brief reflection and that was it.  The cantata went really well.  The high school youth were involved in various aspects of the service as well, including our 2 narrators, and they did very well also.  After the service, it was home to get Robert to bed and I stitched for a little while.  Now it’s time for bed for me, also.

Today’s high:  64
Current:  49

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