Drill Band & a Troop Departure

Yesterday morning started with Drill Band.  It sure is different being up front and the band playing.  Yesterday was my first time up front with everyone AND with instruments.  We practice Pass in Review as we have a ceremony coming up that I will be drum majoring for and it has a PiR.  Then after drill band, we had a POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) class that we’re required to have twice a year.  Then I spent the rest of the morning doing admin work.  I was done at lunch and I headed home.  Ryan and I went to our parent-teacher conference with Robert’s teacher and he is doing really well.  He’s already at a 1st grade level in a few areas!  After we were done with that, we went and ran some errands on the Harley!  I love riding with my sweetie.  We even went out to Post so I could get my allergy shot.  Then we switched the bike for the van and went and picked Robert up from Child Time and headed to swimming lessons.  Everyday he’s getting more and more confident in the water.  After swimming, we went to Target for a few things, and then to Walmart because Target didn’t have everything we needed.  Then we went to McDonald’s for dinner to celebrate Robert’s 3rd Quarter Perfect Attendance award and for meeting his Accelerated Reading goals for the quarter!  Then it was home.  Shortly after we had Robert in bed, K came over.  She was spending the night to babysit.  I crocheted and finished a baby blanket except for tucking in the ends.

I went to bed about midnight-thirty to take a couple hour nap.  I had to be at the gym on post at 0345 in uniform.  Brass Quintet played at a Troop Departure.  Brass Band played for about an hour for entertainment and then after the General spoke briefly, the BQ played for about 20 minutes while the Soldiers said their final farewells to their families.  Ryan was there also, as the Patriot Guard Riders did a flag line as the Soldiers exited the gym and then they escorted the buses – flag flying on their bikes and horns a-beeping!!  That’s why K spent the night.  I got home just after 0600 and K headed to PT.  I played on my computer for a while and made Robert’s breakfast when he got up.  After I walked him to school, I went to bed about 0800.  I slept until about 1145 and then got up and back into uniform and headed into work for the afternoon.  I didn’t really get much accomplished in my admin office because my brain was so foggy from the lack of sleep.  But I did get a few things taken care of that needed to be done.

I stopped at the Commissary on my way home and got a few things that we needed.  Once home, I got the groceries put away and changed out of uniform and then we headed to pick Robert up from Child Time and head to his last day of swimming lessons.  They learned about safety today and got to play in the water with life vests on and the teachers showed them a little bit about life guarding stuff.  And then they got to go down the big tube slides.  Robert even went twice, and didn’t even complain!!  His teacher, Mr. Jonathan, went with him, but still!!  I’m glad he’s gotten over his fear of being in the water.  We plan on getting him to pool as much as we can until swimming lessons start up again in May.  We went to Arby’s for a quick dinner and then home so Ryan could get to his ALR meeting.  Robert played Wii for a little bit and I just played on my computer.  Off to bed now. . .

Today’s high:  57
Current:  44


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