Relaxing Day!!

Today was an awesome relaxing day!  No school.  No Child Time.  No work.  Ryan had a funeral with the Patriot Guard Riders/American Legion Riders around lunchtime.  I took Robert to The Cove – the Sierra Vista Aquatic Center.  They have "splash time" for the little kids (5 and under) and it’s a nice time for little kids to not have to worry about bigger kids, and they don’t have the waves going.  Robert was scared of going in past his ankles for maybe 10 minutes and then I coaxed him out to about 2 1/2 feet.  Soon he was just walking around and playing with the pool toys and having a good old time – in water up to his neck!!!!  My main mission was accomplished today – to get him to not be afraid of the water as he is starting swimming lessons on Monday.  I also wanted to see how everything was laid out so I could be ready for Monday.  It’s a beautiful facility!!

Once we got changed and left there, we went to the Salvation Army Thrift Store.  I brought a huge box full of stuff and a few other things.  And then we went inside and found a pair of pants for Robert and a sweatshirt for me for Sunday, one that I can discard (and they’ll pick them up and donate them).  I get to the check out only to realize I don’t have my wallet.  Good grief!!  So we went home and got my wallet and then went back and paid for the stuff and then went home again.  Robert played and I vacuumed as a lady from Re-Max came to do an inspection on our house.  Our lease is up for renewal next month, and they needed to inspect before we resign.  She’ll send us the lease in the mail and we’ll sign it and bring it back to them.

Ryan left for the Legion to help with the lasagna dinner and Robert and I continued our relaxing day.  He played Mario Kart and I stitched some and did laundry.  We went to the Legion for dinner and that was some GOOD lasagna!!  Then it was home to play some more before bed.  Once he was tucked into bed, I stitched more.

Today’s high:  64
Current:  53

Ceremony and frustration

This morning I dropped Robert off at Child Time and then headed into formation.  It was a little early as we had a rehearsal for this morning’s ceremony.  The ceremony went well, and was shorter than we were all expecting.  That’s always a good thing.  The rest of the morning wasn’t much time until lunch, but I took care of a few things.  I actually stitched at lunch for the first time this week.  That was nice.  I also chatted with a friend on Facebook.  After lunch I pretty much just killed time until 1500 when I headed to where we had to be for a briefing with the IMCOM (Installation Management Command) Command Sergeant Major.  It actually was good and he made us laugh and stuff.  Then I headed home and picked Robert up on my way.  I asked him what he had had for lunch at Child Time and he said he had broccoli.  I was like huh??  Last I knew, he didn’t like broccoli.  But not only did he eat broccoli for lunch, but he asked if we could have broccoli for dinner.  So we went to the grocery store on the way home and got some broccoli.  Ryan was working dinner at the Legion, so it was just Robert and I.  We had corn dogs and broccoli for supper and it was good.  We played for a while after dinner and then after he was tucked into bed, I crocheted for a while and finished the doily I was working on.  I also got caught up on The Biggest Loser.  I had 2 weeks worth to watch that I had Tivo’ed.  It was a good evening.

The frustration part.  My appointment to go over my blood work from last week was supposed to be this past Tuesday.  But I got a call Monday that I had to reschedule it, the scheduled care provider was on vacation.  So I rescheduled it for tomorrow (Friday) morning.  I get a call today and they have to reschedule it AGAIN.  This care provider ended up on emergency leave.  Ok, I understand that emergencies come up.  But I’m not asking for a rocket scientist here.  I just want 15 minutes of someone’s time to go over my lab results.  So now it’s scheduled for Monday morning.  We have an online thing where we can do comments on everything and anything, and boy did I do one for the medical clinic.  And I left my name and phone number, so someone will most likely call me about it.  I can’t wait!!

Today’s high:  71
Current:  56

Here are some pictures of our house.  Two of our living room and two of Robert’s room, including his new bed.

Happy Birthday to my Callie-cat!!!

Today is Callie’s birthday.  She is 11.  I gave my kitty some extra lovin’ this morning.

I got to sleep in a little this morning since I didn’t have to walk Robert to school and I didn’t have to be to work until 0900.  I dropped him off at Child Time on my way to work.  After formation, I went to First Sergeant’s office to talk to him about a few things and then to Chief’s office to talk to her about a few things.  Then it was off to my office to take care of what needed to be taken care of.  Ryan came and picked me up at lunch and we went for a ride on the Harley.  We just rode and that was awesome!  We went out the West Gate and just drove.  We almost made it to a lake in the mountains, but one of the washes across a road was kind of too deep with water for us to cross.  So we turned around and headed back.  Boy that fresh air sure did me good!  I felt good this afternoon!  We had BQ rehearsal at 1400 for about an hour and a half, getting ready for upcoming gigs – we’re starting to get busy again and that’s a good thing!!  Rehearsal went well and then it was home.  But not in my van.

K and I did a vehicle swap as she had a gig and her piano wouldn’t fit in her car.  Somehow she didn’t think driving across post with the back door open on her car would be a good idea.  So she used my van and I drove her car home.  I had put dinner in the crock pot this morning, so all I had to do for supper was make some biscuits.  Dinner was good.  Then Ryan headed to the Legion to take pictures (part of his job as Historian) of the Legion Birthday stuff.  Robert and I went to choir practice.  Ryan picked Robert up after he was done at the Legion.  K brought my van to the church and we switched keys back there – the original plan was for me to go to her apartment after choir, but she had forgotten to grab her house key off her key ring before we switched.  Oops!!  But it all worked out.  Rehearsal went well.  Then I headed home and crocheted for a little bit and now it’s bedtime.

Today’s high:  73
Current:  57

Another Blah day

This morning the Brass Quintet played for the 9th NETCOM Signal’s Civilian of the Year ceremony.  The ceremony went well, and one of the ladies in the choir was there so I got to talk to her briefly after.  She was the Civilian of the Year for 2008.  After the ceremony, it was back to the band hall.  I spent the morning doing various tasks – e-mail on a different computer as e-mail on my computer is not working.  One of our computer guys looked at it and then called in a trouble ticket to the computer higher-ups (DOIM).  So once I took care of the e-mail, I went back to my computer and was able to do other stuff.  I went to lunch with SH, KS, and H&B W at Chili’s.  It was good food and good company.  Then it was back to the office for the afternoon.  I went to Garrison to pick up some paperwork from the Sergeant Major, but I didn’t have to see him.  It was with the secretary downstairs so that was good.  I didn’t really do much this afternoon – just a few updates of missing dates for various things for various Soldiers.  I left shortly before 1530 since we were released early.  Once home, I got changed and went for a 5.35 mile run in 1:04:44.  It was slow, but it sure felt good.  The wind was "backwards" from what it normally is.  Usually when I run after work, I run into the wind on the way out and then coming back the wind is at my back.  But not today.  Ryan picked Robert up on the bike – he always like that.  Then we had mini corn dogs for supper.  Ryan cooked.  After we ate, I got a shower and then Robert and I read his bedtime story together.  He’s getting to be such a great reader!  After he was in bed, I crocheted for a while and now I’m off to bed.  I didn’t go to Community Band again as I was pretty much drained.  The run helped some, but I had been drained after work and I didn’t even bring my trombone home.

Today’s high:  66
Current:  54

And we begin another week

I brought Robert to Child Time on my way to post this morning.  My first stop was the allergy clinic where I got my first allergy shots.  I got one in each arm – one with dogs & cats and one with dust and grasses.  I had to sit in the clinic for 30 minutes after the injections – I had brought a magazine to pass that time.  It took a little longer than I had anticipated due to paperwork and I ended up missing formation, but I had texted SH and I was ok.  Once I got to work, I had to go to a short meeting about slides that we’ll be doing weekly for our weekly staff call meeting.  Then I spent the rest of the morning in my admin office catching up on stuff that seems to happen over the weekend.  At lunch I didn’t even feel like stitching – I was already tired.  After lunch we had Brass Quintet rehearsal for a while, and then I spent the rest of the afternoon getting my new BQ book put together.  Our new books are about 1/3 the size of the old books.  Then I headed home – stopped at the PX for some items to put in a care package I’m sending to a friend in Haiti.  He is a friend of mine from Iraq, and is in Haiti right now.  Most of the rest of his unit has already gone home, but he and 22 Soldiers are stuck there and they have no idea when they’ll be going home.  So I’m putting a care package together for them.  After Robert and I got home, I trimmed my rose bush, made spaghetti for supper, and then after supper, Robert and I made chocolate chip cookies to put in the care package.  I had a nice relaxing evening crocheting after all that was done.

Today’s high:  59
Current:  49

They say it’s your birthday!

Happy 34th Birthday to me!!  I had an awesome day!  I got up and went to Church this morning.  I got up late – like 20 minutes before I had to be there for choir warm-ups and there was no way I was going to get 2 guys up and ready in time, so I went alone.   I got in my van and turned it on, and on the radio was "Birthday" by the Beatles!!!  How cool is that!  So I got to listen to that on the way to church, and I sat in the parking lot for a bit to finish the song.  Then after we warm up, we always sing happy birthday to any birthday people for the week.  So the choir sang to me.  The service was really good although I had a hard time staying awake during the sermon.  It wasn’t that the sermon was boring or that I was really tired.  But I got something in my eye the other day and I think it scratched my cornea a little bit.  The eye has a really cool mechanism to heal itself, but it involves making the eye go shut and that makes you sleepy.  

After church, I went home and my guys were up and they both wished me Happy Birthday.  I made some cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  Then about 1130, I went and laid down to take a nap.  I decided not to fight my eye anymore.  I took a 2 hour nap and that sure felt good.  When I woke up, I had to get into uniform and get ready to go.  Once I was dressed, I got my trombone out and warmed up and ran through my solo before we headed out to the Ethel Berger Center, here in town.  The Band put on a Solo & Ensemble Recital, and I performed a solo at it.  RR did 3 pieces from West Side Story on french horn with piano accompaniment.  I turned pages for K who was accompanying.  Then it was my turn.  It didn’t go nearly as well as I would have hoped or liked it to, but I don’t think the audience noticed too much.  After I was done, DJ (our Ops guy in charge of the event, and also acting as MC) announced that it was my birthday and K played Happy Birthday on the piano and everyone in attendance sang to me.  Ryan had arranged that one.  🙂  After my solo was the Tuba/Euphonium Quartet and then the Jazz Quintet.  Everyone played really well and the audience seemed to enjoy it.  Once it was done, I got my horn packed up and we headed home so  I could change out of uniform.

We met K at Chili’s for dinner and we had a great time.  And of course, they told our waitress that it was my birthday and they came and sang to me when they brought me my dessert.  I ate way too much, but I had a great time hanging out with my Sweetie and my son and my bestest friend!  And K bought dinner – thanks so much!!!  After we ate, we went to the grocery store for a few things and then home.  I called Mom & Dad and we talked for a while.  Oh, and earlier today my grandparents called and that was a nice surprise!!!

I want to thank everyone for the phone calls, cards (real and e-cards), and TONS of facebook messages.

Today’s high:  63
Current:  46

EST training and a good afternoon

This morning was a little earlier than normal again.  K rode with me and we headed to the Engagement Skills Trainer to get certified on how to operate it.  We were trained for about 45 minutes or so and then we (5 of us from the Band and 1 from another unit) were able to just take turns running the computer system and firing and pretty much just playing around.  But it was good training though.  After we were done, we headed back to the band hall and I spent the rest of the morning doing admin work.  I got a few things taken care of, so that’s always a good thing.  As K and I were leaving for home, we decided to go to the Korean restaurant for lunch.  I called Ryan and he met us there.  We had a very good lunch and of course, good conversation.

Then it was home after dropping K off at her place, and I changed out of uniform and Ryan and I went out on the bike.  It was a beautiful day.  We went to Target to get a gift bag and card for the baby shower tomorrow and then to Lowe’s to get some wood glue.  Once we got home, Ryan and I worked out in the garage.  We brought a bunch of stuff out to the shed in the back yard, filled a box and then some with stuff to go to a thrift store, moved some things around, and I even swept the floor.  It’s looking lots bigger in there, and soon we’ll be able to park both the van and the Harley in there!!  I went and got Robert from Child Time while Ryan finished up in the garage for the day.  K came over for dinner – Ryan grilled hamburgers and we had baked beans and corn on the cob with them.  It was very good.  We visited for a while – until we realized it was nearly 2000 and K headed home and I got Robert tucked into bed.  Then I stitched for a while.

Today’s high:  66
Current:  47

This picture was taken last month during one of our Brass Quintet TDYs to Phoenix.  This is the Brass Quintet with Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer. (Click the picture to make it bigger.)

Class and stuff

This morning formation was seated as First Sergeant was giving a class on disciplinary counseling.  It was interesting and he even had us do a practical exercise so we could learn a bit more from the training.  After he was done, I gave a short class on how to fill out the online portion of the Periodic Health Assessment.  Then we got a 2 hour lunch since the classes went until noon.  I was asked to go to lunch with a group of my friends and I turned them down.  And then I regretted it.  I plan out my day ahead of time, and that includes packing my lunch and planning on my stitching time, and any change to that schedule maybe scares me or something.  I really don’t know why I can’t say "Sure, I’d love to go to lunch with you guys" and just keep my lunch for the next day.  2 hour lunch and I only got 30 minutes of stitching done anyway – I played on the computer for a while, and I had to take care of a couple of new Soldiers that were in processing.  After lunch I took care of a few other things – got some leave and pass forms signed by the command team, took care of K’s housing allowance problem, etc.  At the end of the day, I got my horn out for a little bit and went through my solo for Sunday with K.  Then I headed home and picked up Robert on my way.  I was just exhausted again.  Ryan suggested sandwiches for dinner, so after a nice long hot shower we had various sandwiches for dinner.  Nice & easy!!  Once Robert was in bed after some play time, I crocheted and finished the baby blanket I’ve been working on for a baby shower on Saturday.

Check out this link that a friend of mine found!!!  It’s from when I was in Iraq, while playing at a ceremony.  Of course, we all know that the instrument I’m playing is a trombone, not a trumpet.  But still!!
Picture of Lani playing in Iraq

Today’s high:  51
Current:  39

I finished!! And a motorcycle afternoon

This morning we dropped Robert off at Child Time about 0630 and headed out to post.  Ryan needed the van again today so he drove me.  I went to the lab to get my blood work done.  They took 4 vials of blood, and boy was my blood "sleepy" this morning.  Usually I can fill vials really quickly, but it took a little bit this morning thanks to having fasted for the previous 12 hours.  After we were done there, Ryan dropped me off at the band hall and I ate a couple of granola bars from the box that I keep in my desk drawer and finished checking my e-mail and facebook and stuff before formation.  There were only like 10 of us at work today as both the Rock Band and Brass Band were out on a gig.  After formation, BQ did a couple of Army training tasks and then it was get done what you need to get done and go home.  I headed to my office and finally finished my task that I needed to get done.  I put on some Christian Lindberg music (classical trombone soloist – in my opinion, THE best trombonist in the world) and got to work.  Once I actually got to it, it didn’t really take that long.  And now that all my dates are entered to track medical & dental readiness status, it will be easy to maintain.  I also did a Power Point presentation for a short class I will be giving tomorrow morning on how to complete the online portion of the Periodic Health Assessment.

Ryan picked me up on the Harley to go home!!  That was fun.  Once home, I got changed out of uniform, and we headed out on the bike.  We went to the post office to mail a package.  We went to lunch at Golden Corral.  We went to Home Depot to look at freezers – not much there really.  Then we went to Lowe’s to look there and found what we were kind of looking for.  We had originally wanted an upright, but they’re much more expensive so we decided to go with a chest one.  We got a 7.0 cubic foot, and it has two baskets at the top and then tons of room so we can stock up on frozen foods during sales and stuff.  No, we didn’t take the freezer home on the bike.  They will be doing free delivery on Saturday morning, so that gives us time to clean where it’s going to go in our garage.  After Lowe’s, we went to Target to get a few things, including baby gifts for a baby shower I’m going to on Saturday for the wife of one of my coworkers.

After we got home, we switched vehicles and went and picked Robert up from Child Time.  We came home and played for a while, and since Ryan and I had had a late lunch, we weren’t hungry for dinner.  Robert had a bologna and cheese sandwich.  Ryan headed to the Legion for his first Executive Board meetings – he’s the Historian – and Robert and I headed to the church for choir practice.  He was soooooo well behaved that even I forgot that he was there for a few songs.  LOL  And then later, he came and sat by me in the soprano section, and one of my fellow sopranos said "Where did he come from?" And I said "From over on that pew."  And she said "Has he been here the whole time?"  I said "He sure has."   After rehearsal it was home to read his books and then off to bed.  Time for bed for me, too, and hopefully get rid of this headache.

Today’s high:  51
Current:  41

Finally got it started

I packed 2 lunches this morning and made breakfast as usual.  After walking Robert to school, I finished getting ready for work and headed to formation.  After formation, I had intended on practicing for a little while but that didn’t happen.  Such is life in the Admin office.  I got paperwork together.  I did e-mails.  I updated the NCO Evaluation Report rating scheme.  And then it was lunchtime.  I enjoyed my tuna with salsa (& spinach & swiss) sandwich and carrots dipped in ranch dressing.  And then I stitched.  I finished the little project I was working on.  After lunch I made a quick trip to bring some paperwork up to my higher ups and then I finally got started on my project that I’ve been meaning to work on since Thursday.  Of course, I had to stop as I had a doctor appointment.  The appointment went well – it was to try and figure out why I’ve been so tired and not had much energy lately.  She ordered some labs for me, but part of the problem was my blood pressure.  It’s borderline high and high blood pressure can cause lack of energy.  It could still be other things as well, and that’s what the labs are going to be for.  They’ll test iron levels, thyroid, and for diabetes among other things.  I love my family – thanks for the great genes.  LOL!!  She told me to look at the DASH Diet (Google it if you’re interested), but basically I just need to watch my salt/sodium intake and see if that helps.  Yay.  At least I have an idea of what may the cause (or part of the cause) of my lack of energy and general "blah"ness lately.  After my appointment was done, I headed back to my office but was unable to do anymore work as the computer network was down.  So I went home.  But I stopped by the gym on my way home to register for the Thunder Mountain 10K on 27 Mar – yes, just 6 days after the Bataan Memorial Death March.  I picked Robert up on my way home.  Ryan made mac & cheese and pigs in a blanket (Pigs ‘N Cheese) for dinner.  Then we all headed out.  Ryan dropped Robert and I off at the place where Community Band rehearses and he headed to school to rehearse with his group for his drama class midterm.  Robert was very well behaved during rehearsal.  Rehearsal went well – only 4 more until our concert.  One of the other girls in the band gave us a ride home as Ryan wasn’t done yet, but we got here and I realized I didn’t have any keys.  I ended up breaking into the house through our bedroom window that I remembered wasn’t locked – but I did have to take the screen out to get in.  At least I was able to get in since it was chilly and drizzly out.  Robert got to have a snack of ice cream for good behavior and then we read his books from school and he headed off to bed.  I crocheted for a little bit and now I’m going to bed, too.

Today’s high:  59
Current:  38