Warrior Tasks & Battle Drills

I walked Robert to school this morning and then finished getting ready and headed to work.  After formation, I did a quick check of my work e-mail and then headed to the conference room where BQ was.  We spent the morning and the first part of the afternoon doing Warrior Tasks & Battle Drills (army training stuff).  We’re all done for now and got a lot of tasks knocked out.  During lunch I stitched and I finished the project I’ve been working on.  After we were done with the WT & BD for the day, I did a little bit more work in admin and then I headed home.  I stopped by my higher-ups to pick up some paperwork on my way.  I went home and changed into shorts and then headed to a nearby park to practice my Drum Majoring.  Tomorrow morning at Drill Band we will be practicing a Pass in Review for the upcoming Retirement Ceremony that I will be Drum Majoring, and I wanted to practice PIR before tomorrow morning.  I only had about 20 minutes before I had to go pick Robert up, but it was better than nothing and I got to run through it a few times.  Then I picked Robert up and we headed to the pool for swimming lessons.  He is doing a lot better about putting his head back in the water during the back float and stuff but he still won’t go underwater.  I crocheted on a baby blanket while he was in the pool.  After swimming we headed home and Ryan made "pigs ‘n cheese" for dinner.  Because we got home at 6 and because dinner took a while to cook and because I wanted to eat, I missed Community Band yet again.  I will be there next week – the last rehearsal before the concert.  So we gave Robert a bath and I crocheted on the baby blanket a bit more after he was in bed.

Today’s high:  80
Current:  65

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