BQ and the Installation Awards Ceremony

I got up this morning and had breakfast with Robert before walking him to school.  Then I came home and finished getting ready and headed to work.  After formation, we went out and cleaned the courtyard area.  Then we had Brass Quintet rehearsal for about 1/2 hour and then we were done for the day.  I went to the gym and picked up me and K’s race packets for tomorrow and then to the allergy clinic for another allergy shot.  I stopped at the cleaners on my way home and picked up my Class A pants.  I had planned on taking a nap but I didn’t have enough time for one.  I played on my computer for a little while, and then I redid my hair and got into my Class A uniform and headed back to post for rehearsal for the Installation Awards Banquet.  My job as part of the award detail made a lot more sense when there were actual awards.  Before the rehearsal, however, I went and helped SSG B pick up all the awards and stuff and then once at the banquet location, we got the tables set up with all the stuff.  Then we had the rehearsal.  We went through everything twice.  Even without talking things over, the PFC (the other half of the award detail) and I were very much in sink with each other and were making our facing movements together and everything.  It was nice not having to practice that!  We were done about 1545 and I headed home for a little while to relax before having to be back at 1730.  The Awards Banquet went really well, although the food wasn’t the greatest.  Our part was after we ate, and it went very well.  Afterward, we both got lots of compliments on how professional we looked up there.  And someone who knew me and knew what unit I was in (he was in civies, so I don’t know who it was) said that he was going to let my Commander and First Sergeant know how professional I was.

Then I headed home and Robert was just going to bed when I got home so I got hugs from him and got to talk to him about his day for a little while.  Then I crocheted for a little bit after I got out of uniform.  Now I’m heading to bed.

Today’s high:  68
Current:  51

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