BQ Ceremony, Farmers Market, Rehearsal

This morning started off with a ceremony that the BQ played at.  The ceremony went well, but it was long.  After the ceremony I headed back to the band hall and got changed from Class As back into ACUs.  I did some admin work and then I headed out for lunch a little early.  I stopped at the shoppette to get money from the ATM and then at the cleaners to turn my pants in so they’re good for tomorrow.  Then I headed to the Farmers Market where I met up with K.  We enjoyed browsing all the stuff that local growers had for sale.  I bought some Prickly Pear Cactus Jelly, the makings for a salad for dinner (mixed greens that were growing yesterday, a tomato, a cucumber, a green pepper, and some onions).  I also got a spinach feta tart, which I took home for lunch (it was really good!!) and 3 pasties!  I told the guy that was selling them that I’ll be seeing if they taste as good as Mom’s.  After we were done shopping, we came back to the house for lunch – my spinach feta tart and she had a pizza tart.

Then it was back to the band hall.  I only had about an hour and I got some NCOER (NCO evaluation report) "shells" done up for upcoming NCOERs.  What I do is take the NCOER form and fill in all the admin data on the form and then sent it to the rater and they’ll do the rest.  Then I headed to the Thunder Mountain Activity Center (TMAC) for rehearsal.  It was almost a waste of time today as it wasn’t really a rehearsal – more of a briefing on what we’ll be doing.  I’m part of the award detail for the Installation Awards Banquet tomorrow evening.  Without awards actually on the table it was kind of hard to figure out what we were to do.  But we were given a general "this is what you’ll do" and then we were done.  Of course, we were there for an hour.  But at least it wasn’t the two hours as it was scheduled!

I was able to head home early and change out of uniform before Ryan and I went to get Robert from Child Time and go to the pool.  It was Parent Observation Day today, so we were able to be up close and take pictures and stuff while Robert was swimming.  I got some pics and some videos, but I’m too tired tonight to upload them.  Look for them this weekend.  After his lesson was done, we headed to the grocery store for some much-needed groceries.  Then it was home and got all the veggies and stuff ready for our salads, and we had some really yummy chef salads for dinner!  After Robert was tucked into bed, I crocheted for a little bit, but I got really sleepy all of a sudden so I didn’t do as much as I had hoped to do.

Today’s high:  73
Current:  59

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