Good day!

I got to sleep in some this morning – on a work morning!!  Robert had Donuts with Dad at school this morning, so the guys got up early and headed to the school for 0645.  I slept until about 0730-ish, and boy was that nice!  I headed to work, and after formation, I headed to my office and did some stuff that needed to be done and checked up on some things and did e-mails and stuff.  Then I actually stitched at lunch and then after lunch we had Brass Quintet rehearsal.  We were released a little early today, and that was nice.  Of course, I was still there past when we were released, but I left way earlier than I usually do!  I had time to go home and re-write my Easter Medley on Finale since I can’t get my old laptop to "hold hands and play nice" with my printer.  It didn’t take me very long – maybe 20 minutes.  I needed to get it done so I could bring it to choir tonight to give to F.  She’s going to work up an accompaniment for it and I’ll be playing (possibly prelude) at the Easter Services.  Once I was done with the music, I went and picked Robert up and we headed to The Cove for his swimming lesson.  He had a great time again, and is getting less fearful of the water.  He still won’t go underwater yet, but that will come.  After that was done, we went to Little Caesar’s Pizza to get dinner.  Ryan had Legion meetings tonight – special executive board first and then general membership, so it was just Robert and I for dinner again.  Our pizza was good, and after we ate and cleaned up, we headed to the church for choir practice.  We ran through our cantata with all the narrations and everything and then our anthems for Maundy Thursday service and Palm Sunday.  Rehearsal went well.  Then it was home to get Robert ready for bed.  I think he fell right to sleep.  I’m having a little bit of ice cream and I’ll be heading to bed also.

Today’s high:  62
Current:  49