Rainy Dreary Day

It was drizzly this morning when I got up.  I hadn’t seen rain in the forecast, so this was kind of a surprise.  I brought Robert to Child Time and then off to work for 0800 formation (we switched Tuesday & Wednesday morning schedules for this week).  We had drill band on the schedule, but because of the weather, we did our classes that were scheduled for the afternoon.  That took a whole 20 minutes.  Then I headed to my office to get caught up on stuff from my 4 days away.  Part way through the morning I made a trip up to my admin higher-ups to bring some paperwork, but also to try on a pair of class A pants that SSG B had that are the size I need.  They fit really well, and we decided to trade class A pants since hers are too big and mine are too small.  LOL  And we’re the same height, so there will be no adjustments needed.  She’s one of the the people I deal with when I bring paperwork up and she’s really nice.  Then it was back to my office, and I actually ended up working through lunch.  I did eat, but I didn’t get any stitching done.  Oh well.  I got done something that needed to get done today.

After lunch we were going to have drill band finally, but the weather was still pretty nasty.  It was trying to rain and after talking with SFC F and SFC H, we decided that I would go out with 4 Soldiers plus a drummer with sticks and SFC F came out to observe.  We marched around for a little while so I could practice turns, marking time, halt, forward march, counter march, roll off, and cutting the band.  I did pretty well and there were lots of helpful comments from my "band".  My first cut-off was very confident, but on the wrong foot.  It was the right foot, that was wrong.  The next one I did better at.  It will help actually having the band playing so I’ll be able to "hear" left better.

Then it was back to my office, and the e-mail on my computer has been fixed finally!!!  I don’t have to log onto another computer to check my e-mail anymore.  I’ve been doing that for the past week.  I got more stuff done now that my e-mail is back.  Then I left for the day about 1615 or so.  I picked Robert up from Child Time and headed to The Cove for swimming lessons.  He did really well again today.  His instructor is very patient with him and is very good with kids.  And I think it helps that the classes are SUPER small – only 3 in Robert’s.  After he was done, we headed home and Ryan and Robert made mac & cheese for a quick supper.  I didn’t go to Community Band again since Ryan had something going on.  They don’t mind that I bring Robert with me and he does really well, but I wanted to be able to get him in bed at a decent hour, especially since he has to get up super early tomorrow for something special at school.  Stay tuned tomorrow for what.  🙂  After he was tucked into bed, I crocheted more (I crocheted during his swim lesson as well).

Today’s high:  62 (that’s what it was at 0645 this morning)
Current:  48

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