Ceremony and frustration

This morning I dropped Robert off at Child Time and then headed into formation.  It was a little early as we had a rehearsal for this morning’s ceremony.  The ceremony went well, and was shorter than we were all expecting.  That’s always a good thing.  The rest of the morning wasn’t much time until lunch, but I took care of a few things.  I actually stitched at lunch for the first time this week.  That was nice.  I also chatted with a friend on Facebook.  After lunch I pretty much just killed time until 1500 when I headed to where we had to be for a briefing with the IMCOM (Installation Management Command) Command Sergeant Major.  It actually was good and he made us laugh and stuff.  Then I headed home and picked Robert up on my way.  I asked him what he had had for lunch at Child Time and he said he had broccoli.  I was like huh??  Last I knew, he didn’t like broccoli.  But not only did he eat broccoli for lunch, but he asked if we could have broccoli for dinner.  So we went to the grocery store on the way home and got some broccoli.  Ryan was working dinner at the Legion, so it was just Robert and I.  We had corn dogs and broccoli for supper and it was good.  We played for a while after dinner and then after he was tucked into bed, I crocheted for a while and finished the doily I was working on.  I also got caught up on The Biggest Loser.  I had 2 weeks worth to watch that I had Tivo’ed.  It was a good evening.

The frustration part.  My appointment to go over my blood work from last week was supposed to be this past Tuesday.  But I got a call Monday that I had to reschedule it, the scheduled care provider was on vacation.  So I rescheduled it for tomorrow (Friday) morning.  I get a call today and they have to reschedule it AGAIN.  This care provider ended up on emergency leave.  Ok, I understand that emergencies come up.  But I’m not asking for a rocket scientist here.  I just want 15 minutes of someone’s time to go over my lab results.  So now it’s scheduled for Monday morning.  We have an online thing where we can do comments on everything and anything, and boy did I do one for the medical clinic.  And I left my name and phone number, so someone will most likely call me about it.  I can’t wait!!

Today’s high:  71
Current:  56

Here are some pictures of our house.  Two of our living room and two of Robert’s room, including his new bed.

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