Another Blah day

This morning the Brass Quintet played for the 9th NETCOM Signal’s Civilian of the Year ceremony.  The ceremony went well, and one of the ladies in the choir was there so I got to talk to her briefly after.  She was the Civilian of the Year for 2008.  After the ceremony, it was back to the band hall.  I spent the morning doing various tasks – e-mail on a different computer as e-mail on my computer is not working.  One of our computer guys looked at it and then called in a trouble ticket to the computer higher-ups (DOIM).  So once I took care of the e-mail, I went back to my computer and was able to do other stuff.  I went to lunch with SH, KS, and H&B W at Chili’s.  It was good food and good company.  Then it was back to the office for the afternoon.  I went to Garrison to pick up some paperwork from the Sergeant Major, but I didn’t have to see him.  It was with the secretary downstairs so that was good.  I didn’t really do much this afternoon – just a few updates of missing dates for various things for various Soldiers.  I left shortly before 1530 since we were released early.  Once home, I got changed and went for a 5.35 mile run in 1:04:44.  It was slow, but it sure felt good.  The wind was "backwards" from what it normally is.  Usually when I run after work, I run into the wind on the way out and then coming back the wind is at my back.  But not today.  Ryan picked Robert up on the bike – he always like that.  Then we had mini corn dogs for supper.  Ryan cooked.  After we ate, I got a shower and then Robert and I read his bedtime story together.  He’s getting to be such a great reader!  After he was in bed, I crocheted for a while and now I’m off to bed.  I didn’t go to Community Band again as I was pretty much drained.  The run helped some, but I had been drained after work and I didn’t even bring my trombone home.

Today’s high:  66
Current:  54


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