I finished!! And a motorcycle afternoon

This morning we dropped Robert off at Child Time about 0630 and headed out to post.  Ryan needed the van again today so he drove me.  I went to the lab to get my blood work done.  They took 4 vials of blood, and boy was my blood "sleepy" this morning.  Usually I can fill vials really quickly, but it took a little bit this morning thanks to having fasted for the previous 12 hours.  After we were done there, Ryan dropped me off at the band hall and I ate a couple of granola bars from the box that I keep in my desk drawer and finished checking my e-mail and facebook and stuff before formation.  There were only like 10 of us at work today as both the Rock Band and Brass Band were out on a gig.  After formation, BQ did a couple of Army training tasks and then it was get done what you need to get done and go home.  I headed to my office and finally finished my task that I needed to get done.  I put on some Christian Lindberg music (classical trombone soloist – in my opinion, THE best trombonist in the world) and got to work.  Once I actually got to it, it didn’t really take that long.  And now that all my dates are entered to track medical & dental readiness status, it will be easy to maintain.  I also did a Power Point presentation for a short class I will be giving tomorrow morning on how to complete the online portion of the Periodic Health Assessment.

Ryan picked me up on the Harley to go home!!  That was fun.  Once home, I got changed out of uniform, and we headed out on the bike.  We went to the post office to mail a package.  We went to lunch at Golden Corral.  We went to Home Depot to look at freezers – not much there really.  Then we went to Lowe’s to look there and found what we were kind of looking for.  We had originally wanted an upright, but they’re much more expensive so we decided to go with a chest one.  We got a 7.0 cubic foot, and it has two baskets at the top and then tons of room so we can stock up on frozen foods during sales and stuff.  No, we didn’t take the freezer home on the bike.  They will be doing free delivery on Saturday morning, so that gives us time to clean where it’s going to go in our garage.  After Lowe’s, we went to Target to get a few things, including baby gifts for a baby shower I’m going to on Saturday for the wife of one of my coworkers.

After we got home, we switched vehicles and went and picked Robert up from Child Time.  We came home and played for a while, and since Ryan and I had had a late lunch, we weren’t hungry for dinner.  Robert had a bologna and cheese sandwich.  Ryan headed to the Legion for his first Executive Board meetings – he’s the Historian – and Robert and I headed to the church for choir practice.  He was soooooo well behaved that even I forgot that he was there for a few songs.  LOL  And then later, he came and sat by me in the soprano section, and one of my fellow sopranos said "Where did he come from?" And I said "From over on that pew."  And she said "Has he been here the whole time?"  I said "He sure has."   After rehearsal it was home to read his books and then off to bed.  Time for bed for me, too, and hopefully get rid of this headache.

Today’s high:  51
Current:  41

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